Editorial: Why are outlets placing a review score on the WiiU system?

As outlets push out WiiU coverage and gamers make room for another console in their living room, new review precedents are also being set. Game reviews are nothing new for the industry, but overnight a few notable outlets attached scores to it. I don't think a 1-10 score is necessary for a console launch. I would love to hear other people's thoughts about the subject whether you agree or disagree. The outlets that scored the system had really good coverage, so i'm not disparaging them, but i wonder how people feel about scoring the launch unit, especially when the functionality will change over the next few years.

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jc485732160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

why not? that is the question.

I personally think it matters, but not for the sake of laying out its performance or potential as that is evaluated throughout its cycle. What we care about is the product like how well is put together and how is its aesthetic and functional design. Is it appealing? Is the quality good? Are there enough usb ports? Flexibility? Does it come with an HDMI cable? When "design" or even engineer is brought in, you are bound to get critics from the customers. This way they can improve on it for the next console. It ain't easy getting a high score either. I personally care about its efficiency rather than how much features it has.

sinncross2160d ago

Other consoles have gotten reviews for their hardware on launch...

rainslacker2159d ago

The thing is a numbered score doesn't really reflect all those things you mentioned, and is rather subjective based on the person. It's OK to write up a review or overview of all that to inform interested people, but if you face reality most people don't look past the score, hence it can be counter-productive for those seeking information.

secretcode2160d ago

...Because reviewing hardware at launch is nothing new?

guitarded772160d ago

Whenever I read one of your comments, I have to do it in a Hank Hill voice in my head. Damn't Bobb... eh I mean Damn't secretcode.

WeAreLegion2160d ago

I do it, too. Lol. Then, I go to YouTube and listen to Dido's "Thank You".

secretcode2159d ago

That's a clean burnin' comment, I tell ya what.

SilentNegotiator2159d ago

Exactly. Hardware always gets reviewed, video games and otherwise.

"I like this new video game music"
*puts on headphones, hears dubstep
"It's all toilet sounds!"

guitarded772160d ago

"Last time I checked, the success of a console is determined by it’s software."

Then the author hasn't been around very long... the other HD consoles were critiqued for apps, services, hardware failure rates, video playback, etc. People don't buy consoles to just play games anymore... they are multimedia centerpieces for the living room.

tweet752160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

hasnt hardware always been reviewed...I guess this console genteration has been so long that people are forgetting. Personally id give the wii and 8.5 out of 10. It would be a 9 but the memory compacity sucks so it gets a downgrade. We really shouldnt have to be buying a seperate hard drive

ronin4life2159d ago

Has it always been numbered though?
I never payed attention before(except from some of the smaller sites maybe...)

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