Nintendo Wii U Consoles Sold Out, Already Selling For Over $500 On Ebay

One reason some people waited in long lines to be the first to get the new Nintendo Wii U console has nothing to do with the games. With Wii U devices all but guaranteed to be sold out at retailers around the world this Christmas, some buyers immediately put their new consoles on Ebay. Wii Us are already selling for over $500 on the site. There were well over 2,500 consoles listed on the world’s largest auction site just hours after it went on sale on November 18 at the Nintendo World store in New York City and around the globe.

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Zodiac2252d ago

Sell it for a bunch of money, buy another one with games and still have money.

Zuperman2251d ago

Great news for everyone! This only means great competition for gamers.

CalvinKlein2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

If I bought one to sell I would wait a bit until there are no more before Xmas and crazy rich people will buy it for 1000$.

Below-- I bet people will pay 1000 if there are none left right before Christmas. Even if he lowered the price a bit he would still get tons of money.

Nimblest-Assassin2251d ago

Actually very confused by this. Its sold out everywhere in the US... but its available everywhere here in Canada

GuyManDude2251d ago

Went to Target today and they had both models in stock at 4:00PM.

Donnieboi2251d ago

Canadians just not impressed with wii u I guess

Trunkz Jr2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

In Hamilton, Ontario Bestbuy they only had 5 Blacks, I was #3 and the #1 guy in line was gonna buy 3 but ended up getting 2 (to sell on Ebay..) I just want one for myself to play.

It's sad to see people sucking money out of others like this, I mean $350 is already expensive, $500-$900 your breaking family's wallets due to your own greed, especially when a dad/mom just wants to see their kids face light up when they see that new console like mine did when I first got an NES for Christmas, it's a freaking Wii U launch yet I'm stuck in line with a bunch of ppl that don't even play video games, the #1 guy in line kept asking me "Whats that big game that came out last week? Duty something?... As a gamer I'm disgusted by this.

bwazy2251d ago

As a gamer there's nothing more disgusting than buying out new (and usually low on stock) consoles to sell on eBay/Kijiji/Craigslist for a markup. It should be illegal.

For shame.

kreate2251d ago


Its called freedom.

Although shameful, shouldn't be illegal.

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iamnsuperman2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Just looking at ebay and the sensible sellers are the ones getting the hits. Most are buy nows but the guy who has 15 and selling them at $1000 (bid price 800 glad to see no actual bids) is a moron. No one is going to buy that.

(despite this "There will be a big shortage on Wii u and we have a few to sell" tactic)

GuruStarr782251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

LOL...saw that... what a cock - sniffer that guy is..

I'm happy that I paid off and preordered's sitting at home right now, while I'm stuck here at work for a 24 hour shift....

Nimblest-Assassin2251d ago

Sold out at local retail?

The ebgames 2 minutes away from me has 20 of both models each

neogeo2250d ago

I live within 12 miles of 6 Walmarts in south Florida and 5/6 have PLENTY in stock

Trunkz Jr2251d ago

Here's the thing, sadly even if nobody buys them, he can easily return them to get his money back. Pretty much the guy is an A hole and just ruined many kids Christmas who would of enjoyed them.

HebrewHammer2251d ago

$500? Not worth it.

Hell, the WiiU isn't even worth retail price. Far from it.

SKUD2251d ago

Agree. I don't think you will be able to turn around the sell them for thousands of dollars like when X360 and PS3 first came out.

HebrewHammer2251d ago

Never underestimate holiday shopping morons!

superman2251d ago

Wow you losers are so freaking cool.

kreate2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )


Thanks for making that comment. I'm glad someone said it.

OneAboveAll2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I was browsing reddit earlier and saw a post where a guy purchased 8 of the delux consoles and was selling each of them for $750.

People like this are ass holes. Yea I know, free market but it's just a douche thing to do.

Edit- I also like that the seller on that one ebay page with the 15 consoles states that "There will be a big shortage on Wii u and we have a few to sell.". Well no shit. There wouldn't be if assholes like you didn't buy all of them to re-sell for jacked up prices.

kewlkat0072251d ago

I walked in target in Mass today and walked out with an 8GB...they had 2 Deluxe there but wanted the white....there was plenty at Target..I went during church hours..

One Asian lady(the cashier said) came with about 16 different people since you can only buy 1 per person...then she attempted again while I as in line and they sent her away...

Another guy was buying before he went to AUS...because they are expensive there

I bet you they are going on Ebay or Craigslist...

I seen people selling target "Reserve Cards for $100 each...
Basic - $500
Deluxe - $650

That's ridiculous...but hey it's capitalism

hellvaguy2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

At my Target, Toys R U, and Gamestop all WiiU were all sold out with the people waiting in line before the store opened. I made a circuit between the stores to buy varies accessories and I asked the employees is I heard the info. None had the white or black WiiU's in stock.

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