Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Hits the Track (Review) -

"It seems obviously natural that Sonic the Hedgehog with his hyper-speed runs would fit into a racing game easily. Unfortunately, most Sonic racing games in past were either mediocre, lame, or qualified to be one of the worst games that ever carried the Sonic franchise name. It was with some concern that Sega commissioned yet another kart racing game staring the hedgehog, his friends, and other Sega notables. This effort does deserve a closer inspection though, as within the development team is some former members of Bizarre Creations. This former game studio made its name through Project Gotham Racing and Blur. With some better credentials, the team at Sumo Digital may be able to achieve a good Sonic racing game."

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Myst2158d ago

This game is phenomenal, truly a step up from it's previous installment. Fighting a tank in the game reminds me of LBP:K fight the boss type of scenario which astounded me that they put something like that in there. The AI is an annoyance at times but when isn't it? Anyway hopefully this game will get a lot of sales and will be cared for by DLC (Tracks mainly) later on.