Review Call of Duty: Black Ops II |

The return of the blockbuster FPS to reassert its dominance.
Tested version PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.

It 'true that Call of Duty is the most popular brands in the world as about the kind of first-person shooter. Its main recipe made ​​of pure action topped with a compelling story always has always shared the same series through its various interpretations, divided between Infinity Ward and Treyarch. After simplistic Modern Warfare 3, the team has forged a more intense and interesting the Campaign Black Ops back to resume the franchise by offering half slip his vision global conflict.

Treyarch will be able to propose Warfare 2 a sequel worthy of the first chapter?

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3-4-52186d ago

I would personally give this a 93/100. It's the best COD in my opinion but part of that has to do with the fact that it's late in the series cycle and this gen cycle, so it's had time to fix prior mistakes.

The reason this isn't getting 96/100 type review scores is because, as a whole, we are all ready for the Next Gen in terms of First Person shooters.

We've seen all we can this gen, and the next big step is getting more, detailed items, people, locations within the game and that is going to take a new System.

So that being said, given the new improvements and the quality of the game it self I would say this is a damn good game with a ton of content.

Not JRPG content, but a lot for a FPS.

NeXXXuS2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Though I haven't played the single player, the multiplayer didn't feel right to me. I thought it was unbalanced. A lot of the levels are too big for free for all and there're way too many rooms and buildings for camping. Even the explosives are weaker in this one, so I can't get rid of campers with them like I used to. It's also not very noob friendly from what I've played. I do want to compare the team setup with Halo 4 as an example (just the lobby and team setup not the gameplay). In any of the CoD games, depending what players are on your team, it could end up good or bad. If you get placed on a good team that wins every match easily, you stay on that team almost always indefinitely. In Halo 4, the teams are randomized after every match so you wont always be stuck on a bad team and players can be very well balanced.
I also really hate the hitmarker system in black ops. I've unloaded more than half a clip or a whole clip into someone and I end up only getting 2 or 3 hitmarkers. At least in Modern Warfare 2, every hit with a bullet placed a hitmarker on the screen. With black ops, I feel like the game cheats me all the time.