Review: ZombiU is the end of the world done right | GamesBeat

GamesBeat: "It might sound like just another zombie game, but ZombiU distinguishes itself with brutal gameplay and brilliant use of the Wii U's tablet controller."

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SybaRat2212d ago

This whole game sounds like a total slam on Resident Evil's craptastic crash-course into banality. Real survival horror! Bring it on!

WeskerChildReborned2212d ago

I'm looking forward to picking this up when i get a Wii U.

2212d ago
mushroomwig2212d ago

These reviews are vastly conflicting, how is that possible?

bumnut2212d ago

I know, just read a 5/10 review on here about an hour ago!

acronkyoung2212d ago

Good to see some positive reviews for Wii U games, but I'm probably gonna wait until next year to consider picking one up either way.

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