Wii U Will Launch Without a Few Things We Thought the Wii U Would Launch With

GiantBomb - TVii? Nope. Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix video streaming? Nuh-uh. Games? There are still games? PHEW!

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RFornillos42159d ago

i'm sure part of the reason for it, was being since it was launching, some of the apps like TVii didn't make it to schedule. as for the system update, it's possible they made it that way since they are sending advanced copies to reviewers and they didn't want them to pre-empt any info bout Miiverse and/or other built-in app.

thing's will be a bit different by December or starting next year. I'm hoping the next iteration will have those pre-installed. i for one will be irked by the 4-5GB system update, not because of the update, but because of my internet connection speed. so with that pre-installed i'd be very happy with it.