New Super Marios Bros. Review - IMGMR

Today, on November 18th 2012, is a big day for the Big N with their new home console which just released. With it, many games are also available for purchase. In fact, there are 25 games to choose from and New Super Mario Bros. U is one of them. Being the first Super Mario game on this brand new platform..

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gemugurl2163d ago

Mario games never disapoints

Nefario62163d ago

Finally a 1080p version of our favourite plumber!

DevilRebellion2163d ago

Awesome! If it's better than New Super Mario Bros Wii, sign me up!

candybooty2163d ago

Now this is a game that looks like it could be fun with the gamepad "asymmetrical" gameplay, sadly it just likes a boring old sidescroller to me. I really prefer full 3d mario titles, but that's probably just me, I'm sure since nintendo keeps making these sort of games, people are obviously buying them.

To me, Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D land take the cake.
The cake is no lie here.

BigTonytheDon2163d ago

I was expecting a butt crack animation or something haha. No hate though super fun when I played it :D

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