Wii U: Nintendo's day of reckoning

CVG - Nintendo lost its core audience at the turn of the century and, after ten extraordinarily successful years in a different market, it now carries a romantic belief that old fans will return in their millions when the Wii U launches.

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N4g_null2186d ago

The idea that you can only go at one market shows no ambition in the writers.

That is exactly what ps1,ps2, and wii represent. The problem is this could be bigger. Art assets are at the sweet spots and render at a true hd texture and polygon resolution now with out framerate drops.

Many people waited for ac3, even batman. These games will seem like movies to the new casuals. I what an avg of 2-6 games bought with this system. With a huge ammount wait for some games to just come out.

The game pad actually unites the owner with their tv and turns a dumb HDTV into a smart one with netflix and a browser that run better than most.

Then on top of it all we have not seen nintendo or third party heavy hitters yet. Any 3dsxl interaction is welcomed also.

This is the console to start a new game oreinted franchise on. The true hd visuals after 6 years of up scaling is a breath of fresh air.

Hopfully sonys and ms next boxes do not lower framerates just to have pretty pictures, we all just wanted games. Some thing also tells me the indies will unlock the potiential of the game pad first yet you know nintendo has a plan for that.

This little box has done more to get me excited about gaming than a 6core i7, with 64 gigs of ram and a gpu sporting 4 gigs of ram lol.