A decade on, Xbox Live must face its biggest challenge

Game Industry - As we celebrate the immense success of Xbox Live, let's also work on taking online games back from the abusive, bigoted bullies.

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DasTier2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Please, Xbox Live Is a much less abusive place than most make it out to be, it's not been bad since about 2006-7. However, this is due to the "New Xbox Experiance" which has left most place in party chat and hardly any in game chat to insult each other. I do miss all the public trash talk though :(

Captain Qwark 92211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

haha yeah i always see these articles about all the trash talking and how bad it is and im like......hmmm i have been on here since it firsts started and its never been that bad for me. since party chat came around its because im always in party chat but even before that it was never that bad. maybe 1 out of every 100 matches i would get some annoying idiot but then id mute him and all would be well. perhaps many of these people experiencing such horrible times are instigating them themselves. when im public, most of the trash talking only starts when you say something and people retaliate

i have played mech assault, ghost recon, crimson skies, wolfenstien, halo 2, counterstike, ghost recon 2, halo 3, battlefield bad company, BC2, BF3, COD2, COD4, COD:WAW ( last one, prob getting BO2 though ), armored core, dark souls, various wwe titles, halo reach for about 5 matches, and halo 4 online. that covers msot of my online career and ive had few bad experiences in any of these titles so maybe im just lucky or perhaps all these authors arent as innocent as they act

ShadowKingx2211d ago

2 years ago, i got my first xbox and this was due to my constant annoyance of my friends asking me when i was going to get an Xbox 360, so after about 8 months of dealing peer pressure i gave in a bought and i have to say i was really pleased with the console. Now of course i really don’t like paying for online, as i was a PS3 nerd before getting an Xbox 360 now i enjoy both. Both consoles has its advantages and disadvantages but both need improvement, Xbox needs more free game like PS3 and PS3 needs cross game chat that everyone has been asking for since launch of PS3. Which is why i spend most of my time on Xbox 360, even though i know PS3 i better HD graphics because of the blu-ray. I really think in a decade PS3 and Xbox has come a long way but like i said both still need improvements, but at the moment both consoles and services are playable and fun and thats all you look to have when playing video games.

Janitor2211d ago

Uh, yeah....except PS3 has no free games. You get to rent certain games that they pick for you, for $50 a year. Not trolling, I have plus, but let's not kid ourselves by saying the games are free.

Captain Qwark 92211d ago

^^^this is true but i think he was more just referring to getting a game or two with your subscription every month which is reasonable.

i had plus for a while but i still game mostly on my 360 so i quit it. def a great value though

ShadowKingx2211d ago

yeah but the bottom line is 50 bucks a year for free games sounds really good versus 50 bucks a year just to play online. But like i said my friends play mostly on Xbox 360, which is reason i don’t game much on PS3 anymore. There has only been a handful of game Xbox has even give for free the latest being Happy Wars. Also some of the games they do pick for are really good. i remember when i had the free trial i played streets of rage which is a classic to play and it was free.

BLAKHOODe2211d ago

I thought it's biggest challenge was convincing chubby couch potatoes to get up and move with Kinect.

Donnyskillz2211d ago

or maybe get up and wave 2 move dildo's until they sweat, thats equally impressive