Xbox 360 Fall Game Sales Predictions

Next-Gen has predicted the top 20 games that will take Xbox 360 through the competitive holidays and into 2007. Estimated sales and analysis are included.

Unlike PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 has already taken strong steps to defining itself. It has history, and its prior success can to some extent be used to predict future software successes.

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TheMART5908d ago

"Gears of War
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Epic Games
Estimated Release Date: November 2006
Estimated Sales: ~1,000,000"

I expect more even. over 20% of all 360 owners bought games like COD2 and GRAW. Over a longer period of time, but this Christmas there will be 10 million 360 users. I'll bet if I read the forums that at least half of all the owners will buy Gears. And many can't wait till november even

It'll sell like hot cakes, that's for sure!

kmis875908d ago

An attach rate of 50% would be ridiculous. Even Halo didn't achieve that.

BrotherSic5908d ago

What about Pro Evo 6? surely that is going to be a big seller

PS360PCROCKS5907d ago

ha well I honestly believe that like 3 million will buy GOW, if not more, and cod3, ok cod 2 that's the best selling game to date on the 360, once again much more will buy COD3

TR0N5907d ago

that gears of war will surpass even halo2, i say ~1,800,000 because at least the majority of people in the US and EU will get it. And for COD3 I say ~1,000,000.

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