Top 5 Rockstar Games That Aren’t GTA

The Grand Theft Auto series is widely regarded as Rockstar Games best and certainly most famous work, but what other great titles have the studio produced?

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iamnsuperman2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

I actually think L.A Noire was a poor game. It was just so boring and also went through a monotonous pattern that required very little amount of skill to complete. I wasn't a fan of RDR either. Killing animals was fun and some of the missions was fun but the technically difficulties got annoying especially when textures didn't load and the end part was awfully executed. It took away any pacing the game had and for a good length of time you spend doing menial task. By the time it ended I was glad it had ended which isn't good for a game

I was surprised with Max Payne 3. The game in general was really fun to play. Definitely a game I am glad I didn't miss

Th3 Chr0nic2213d ago

You sir...have poor taste

iamnsuperman2213d ago

would you care to elaborate on why I have poor taste?

RivetCityGhoul2213d ago

You Sir are a fanboy. how are you gonna say someone has poor taste if its his opinion. he could easily say that you have poor taste for liking them.

Kurt Russell2212d ago

I really enjoyed L.A noire, found it something different. But I must admit it wasn't the hardest game in the world. Max Payne 3 I enjoyed playing through the once, but I couldn't do it again and the MP was just a bit crap really.

Th3 Chr0nic2213d ago

LA Noire is not boring. it is different and has to be appreciated for what it is. which is not the sterotypical actionfest. it requires thought and insight.

RDR is an amazing game and the ending is great. a lot of people dont even see the end of the game but think they do. if you didnt see credits roll then you didnt beat the game(there is something to do as the son that triggers this). Also i never had any issues with textures loading or many glitches at all. were you on ps3? killing animals really shouldnt have been the highlight of your experience with the game either..... thats kind of alarming. no offense

iamnsuperman2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Obviously I differ in opinion but I found L.A Noire incredible boring because every mission went through the same formula which got very repetitive. The game looked great but the gameplay wasn't as good.

RDR ending, for me, was poorly done. It had this ending which it could have ended on but didn't. Then you spend roughly an one hour and a half doing menial tasks with your son to get to the actually ending. In the mean time I was getting bored and frustrated by the fact it wasn't ending. It killed any pacing the game had. Then there is the post credit ending which again wasn't elaborate it just kind of ended. There was no building up to the ending. I felt that on paper and in a book that ending would have worked very well but in a games context it didn't because all aspect of fun/enjoyment was thrown out of the window (sad can still be enjoyable). I didn't explain the killing mechanic very well. I enjoyed its inclusion. Riding around trying to find a certain animal was quite relaxing and fun. There was a lot RDR got right but it lost it for me with its killing of its pacing at the end and (yes on the PS3) technical issues.

rainbowpoopman2213d ago

Not that I'm bashing on L.A. Noire personally but I myself didn't enjoy the game to start off with so I stopped playing it for over 3 months and when I got back on it, it was fun for a while and then it got boring, this game is not meant to being played like something like COD, its meant to be played overtime and not so much that the gameplay getting repetitive.

bumnut2213d ago

I agree with you superman, LA Noire had great visuals but very poor gameplay. I also found RDR boring, just like I found GTA4 boring.

MadMax2212d ago

Man, you have no right even playing a game then! You have worst taste than superman!!!

bumnut2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Ive been gaming since 84, I play what I like not what the media tells me to like.

R* can buy as many good reviews as they want, doesn't hide the fact most of their games are average.

Max Payne 3 was pretty cool though.

USMC_POLICE2212d ago

I would say max payne 3 was the worst on the list. 1 & 2 were great not 3. RDR was freaken amazing and so was la noire, you play as a cop in the golden age of policing. Max payne 3 soild awfull as well.

RioKing2212d ago

In my opinion, RDR was an amazing game. The ending was interesting; you knew the end was near....but you NEVER expected it to end like it did. [SPOILER] I still don't understand why people are so butthurt that Marston was killed, but I do believe the "shock" left a sour taste in some peoples mouths.

MadMax2212d ago

I have to agree with Th3 Chronic here. You need your head examined if you think RDR was no good! You are completely nit picking and not stating any real facts to what makes a good game.

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VonBraunschweigg2213d ago

The Warriors was awesome, one of the most violent videogames I ever played.

Venox20082213d ago

it was awesome game, but to say one of the most violent...nooooo :)

for me most violent games are:

manhunt 1 & 2
god of war series
ninja gaiden games

RioKing2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

lol, most R* games have their fair share of violence in them :)

trouble_bubble2213d ago

I'd stick Manhunt on there. It's a freaking snuff film, just oozes a depraved atmosphere through sight, sound and executions. One of the most controversial games last gen'.

doogiebear2213d ago

You know it's Sunday when you see another pointless "top 5" list.

SolidGear32213d ago

GTA is the one game series I truly dislike. L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 are all superior in every way.

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