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GodisaGeek: "As a cinematic experience, the game is also a great success, with character development and the motivations of Agent 47 being more involving then ever before. On top of that, levels are more varied than in the past, with different objectives and gameplay styles to experience. The stages are split up in such a way that the tension in the story is built up slowly and ramped up to a thrilling conclusion, which is far better than most action games on the market these days. Contracts is also a tremendous addition to the game, and a truly original concept in online gameplay, one that will hopefully really tap into the social media mindset most gamers now have. The issue is just that the game feels less like the old Hitman games and more like a stealth-em-up. This won’t bother all gamers, but may leave the die-hard IO Interactive fans a little disappointed. The Hitman series did need to evolve though, as Blood Money does feel very old-fashioned when you play it nowadays, but it remains to be seen if Hitman gamers were ready for that evolution."

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CyberGrim2161d ago

So looking forward to this game!

rABble242161d ago

Really want to play this one.

Hasanhastam2161d ago

Its funny that fans think this game is real hitman. I play 3h today and i dont see any sandbox level even chinatown is very small. Really disappointed as a hitman fan

robbttf2161d ago

We agree, as you will see when you read the review - this is a very different game!