OPC Derrick the Deathfin Review

In the day and age when first-person shooters and huge 3D sandbox worlds are the norm, it’s nice to see a game company, in this case indie developer Different Tuna, tipping its hat to the classic old school 2D side scrolling genre.

The first thing you’ll notice about Derrick the Deathfin (apart from the humorous quotes on the loading screens) is the papercraft style of graphics. Everything looks like it has been cut out of paper, folded meticulously and then dropped into a vibrant underwater environment. The game is bright, colourful and delightful from the start. What’s more amazing is this game was developed by only two people. My eleven year old niece, whom I invited to help me play, asked straight away if this game was made by the same people who made Little Big Planet. I suppose that is a very huge compliment, being compared to one of the best games produced this generation.

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richard44812870d ago

Really great review , after reading this I'm tempted to make the plunge and buy it!!!

Yaster2870d ago

A good review there. Also, the game is worth the punt!

FrodoUK2870d ago

Is it just PS3 or both PS3 and Vita?

FrodoUK2870d ago

Ta mate - shame, looks a perfect fit for a Vita cross buy title.