Wii U Launch: Top 5 Killer Apps

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally over and gamers across the nation can finally get their hands on their very own Nintendo WiiU—assuming they’ve beaten the mad rush by having pre-ordered in advance that is. The new Nintendo console is flying off store shelves at an insane rate. GameStop says it has received 1.2 million pre-orders on Wii U software, which is more than double of the pre-orders of Wii launch titles, in 2006, from the video game retailer. This relatively means that consumers are pre-ordering 2.4 Wii U games per console.

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nassour2187d ago

I think i'll be buying all those games in the list!

BigTonytheDon2187d ago

Thanks for the heads up :D

osiris2187d ago

Right off the bat, some good old Mario U

dirthurts2187d ago

What about Rayman? That's what I'm most excited about.

gemugurl2187d ago

The full game is not getting released before 2013 :( for now we have a demo

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