First Wii U brick reported; Massive firmware update size revealed

GV: The Wii U will brick if you shut it down during an ongoing firmware update.

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SonyNGP2161d ago

That's freakin' huge o_O

decrypt2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Its not a problem i am sure you can hit the Del key when the system boots up, load the backup bios ... oh wait nvm.

AsimLeonheart2160d ago

Nintendo needs to learn about the online component of consoles. You just cannot release a 5GB update out of nowhere without any kind of backup to restore the console in case of any mishap. Not everybody can download 5Gb within an hour. Many people will need a whole day and anything can happen between that time to brick the console.

dee-ecks2160d ago

There is no del key stupid.

ShinMaster2160d ago

It's more expensive than the PS3 and 360 and at least 6 years late and still behind.

I will wait on a better model.

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Lazyeye792161d ago

Ya its big and will this even fit on the 8gb model, I mean isn't over 4 gigs already used by the system or is this supposed to be part of that already used 4 gigs?

MikeMyers2161d ago

Of course it will fit on all models.

These are the joys of a launch for a new system. I imagine the phone lines for customer service will be long and frustrating.

Hopefully there is a backup plan if your power gets disconnected or you accidentally unplug your device while it's trying to update the system.

I said before that it will be awhile before everything on the Wii U is running properly. That's one of the reasons why I'm waiting. Nintendo's inexperience when it comes to online gameplay and apps is already being reviewed. It's slow and not everything is functional just yet.

ajax172160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Fu*k you Geoff! Being able to download 5 gigs in an hour! God, I hate time warner's slow internet!

NoFanboyRequired2160d ago

Time Warner isn't slow. its just the cheap internet package you have. They have over 50MB/s so i can assure you, its just your package. Of course i don't have them. i have Charter with a 30MB connection. Its beautiful ;)

NegativeCreepWA2160d ago

My power went out in the middle of the update and bricked it. So I'm already on my second wii u. lol.

andibandit2160d ago

What is the friend code to download this update?

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boybato2161d ago

First Wii U brick reported: Do not shutdown during firmware update - this is common knowledge!!!!

Snookies122161d ago

Yeah that's what I was about to say lol! Why the hell would anyone shut it down during an update?

Smurf12161d ago

There's a backup state usually. PS3 updates again when you reset it during a firmware update.

G20WLY2161d ago

If only life was that simple; where I live powercuts are quite frequent and now I'm worried it might happen during firmware update and leave me with an expensive door stop :(

Thing is, it being a new system, there are bound to be a fair few updates coming in for the rest of the year.

esemce2161d ago

No one probably but what if there is a power cut etc? I hope there is a way to initiate a system restore.

sincitysir12160d ago

lets hope nintendo doesnt have control over our power then ;]

mechlord2160d ago

You see, most of the time this is said as a general rule and common sense, like "dont use cellphones in a thunderstorm"...

but what also is common sense is that any hw maker worth their salt would know that million things can happen and a fail-safe is needed;

for instance, its unbelievable the wii u will brick while DOWNLOADING the update... i mean, what is it doing? downloading and writing the pieces as it gets? the usual (and tried-and-true) way is to download the file,verify it and only then start doing the update. No matter how you slice it, this is a flawed design. Lets not touch the point of an UPDATE with 5bg...not even microsoft puts out updates this big to windows

abzdine2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

cause it takes 4 hours maybe and nobody wants to stare at the TV in that case or just that they didnt know how big the update is and they regret.

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camel_toad2161d ago

Just cross your fingers you aren't hit with a random power outage.

G20WLY2161d ago

Sorry Camel_toad, I just wrote the same thing then saw your comment. A very real concern though, until we know of any in-buit fail safe/back up.

pr0digyZA2161d ago

I think it becomes more of a problem if your power goes off, especially as it is such a big update (some people take more than 10 hours to do that amount).

Slapshot822161d ago

Yes, it is, but it shouldn't brick if something goes wrong during an update that can take over an hour to download/install.

TurkishKIng2161d ago

Depends on how big the freakin´ FW is correct? 5GB is a Joke. Who wants to sit and download a firmware for hours instead of playing games?

GraveLord2161d ago

Things happen. You can lose power or something, there should be back-up plans in case someone does turn it off. Not everyone has the time to download a 5gig update. Not everyone wants to send Nintendo their console for repairs.

Nintendo really messed up.

Rayansaki2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

So what? If the console becomes unusable if you shut it down during the update it's fucking retardedly engineered. It's never good to shut down during updates, but it's not 100% avoidable, anything from a power outage, to internet outage or download stalling at a certain % can force you to do so. Specially if the update is freakin 5GB :X

Playstation also tells you not to shutdown during firmware update, but if you do, it retries after you restart, and if all else fails you can simply reset it to factory settings.

This is really sad by nintendo, hope they fix it fast or it's gonna be a horde of angry customers all over the world.

Dark_king2160d ago

Actually the ps3 originally had this issue also.Was fixed some time ago though.Flashing the bios is always a risk.

silvacrest2160d ago

i doubt it is really common knowledge, think about who were the vast majority who bought the original wii

fanboydestroyer2160d ago

You know, most people don't power down during an update because they are curious, many, like me, had a system that locked up during the update. My system became unresponsive when the connection was lost, I let it sit for over two hours and it remained frozen. At this point, there is no option but power down. A lot of you need to stop being condescending pricks, there are people that spent hundreds on hard earned dollars to sit and stare at a brick. Nintendo failed to build in a fail-safe, that is inexcusable.

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Godchild10202161d ago

Why would you shut down the system when its updating? Something wrong is bound to happen. Report a brick when something happen when you don't cause it yourself.

bubblebeam2161d ago

Or if the power goes out? Or if someone else turns it off mistakenly? A rat nibbles on the power cord? A herd of elephants comes into your house and trips on the power cord? Or if a T-rex................

You get my point. Fact is, Nintendo is at fault either way. Who else is there to blame? (Please don't blame me).

Kos-Mos2161d ago

Land of the free and sue everything even if it`s your own fault.

Baka-akaB2161d ago

90% of those listed are the owner's fault then .

And the way people usually complain about console prices , you'd think they'd learn by now to at least invest into UPS units and surge protectors .

How often do you experience over an hour long power outage ?

Shadowstar2160d ago

Baka-akaB : Are you really saying everyone should have consoles on a battery back-up system as standard practice? Seriously?