Engadget-Nintendo Wii U review

EG:Nintendo's new console is an anomaly in the game console ecosystem, but not for Nintendo. The company that -- in just the last decade -- popularized stylus-powered gaming, microphone-powered gaming and motion-based gaming, is once again pushing game control inputs forward. And just like its previous consoles, lessons learned from past hardware build the foundation of its latest effort: the Wii U and its bizarre-looking, but conventionally named, "GamePad."

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MasterCornholio2212d ago

I know the Wii U wasn't going to be a powerful console but Nintendo could have used a much better touchscreen. The majority of people are not going to use the pad with a stylus so they should have used a capacitative touchscreen instead of a resistive one.

GameLord082212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

What does a touchscreen have anything to do with the console's power?

Besides, the GamePad works completely fine using a finger alone, from everything I've heard from friends and other journalists using it. Even a few Zombi U gameplay vids have shown players using their finger instead of a stylus on the touchscreen, and it was flawless.

Capacitative touchscreens are only useful for multi-touch use, and that's pretty much redundant in gaming; most phones even only use it for pinch-zooming. It's not a widely-used integration, to be quite honest, and all you need with the GamePad is tap, tap, flick, tap, swish, slide, tap anyway.