Wii U: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "The Wii U is a product of these factors. It has a strong but not stunning launch line-up and it starts its cycle with the instant blemish of one promised feature—the vaunted Nintendo TVii service—not being available on day one.

What to make of this thing?"

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ronin4life2162d ago

I have to admit... i didn't read the whole thing.... so long >.<

What I did read was well thought out and made sense.(except the gc 3 shoulderpad comment. The xbox had only 2 and the ps2 had 4)

While I'm getting one launch day, the "wait" verdict is understandable. But of course, if too many wait it will have negative effects.... so, uh let's not all do [email protected]@

NewMonday2162d ago

i'll get it as soon as Zelda is released

tack1292162d ago

I'll wait and see. It should apply to all consoles and handhelds but if you want to get it on launch day then go ahead.
The 3DS didn't get it's stride going until the price cut 6 months later and the onslaught of games in the beginning of the year.

Grap2162d ago

"And if they don't put screens in their controllers, know right now that Nintendo will have at least that excellent advantage over them."
i don't see how Nintendo will have advantage over Sony and MS by screen on the controller. Sony have Vita that's already you can play it on PS3 and use it like controller. and MS have windows 8 on any phone u can use the smartscreen to play with ur xbox and the nextbox

GraveLord2162d ago

The Wii U is obviously rushed. Here are the signs.

-Hard to get one if you didn't pre-order
-Massive firmware update on Day 1
-Specs aren't officially announced(because they suck for a next-gen console and they probably finalized the specs more than a year ago

Feel free to add to this. Nintendo is very short-sighted.

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Y_51502162d ago

I'm waiting, but in all honesty. It will be sweet torture. :)

MegaLagann2162d ago

This was actually a pretty fair review, especially for Kotaku. To be honest, the verdict is right. Despite me being hyped as hell for it I can't really recommend someone go out and get it right now. It's always a good idea to wait for a new console.

GuyManDude2162d ago

One year post launch is generally the sweet spot for buying consoles (historically speaking). That's when you start to see the first "absolute must-have" games. Of course there are exceptions (Halo CE, Twilight Princess, etc.), but one year is when things kick into gear full swing.

On the other hand, people who only own a Wii and who haven't played the coming ports would benefit a lot from buying now. HD Mario, Batman: Arkham City, and Mass Effect 3 are three top tier games to get, with more in the coming months. Lots to play for Wii-only owners.

LLJAF2162d ago

I will judge a console purely on it's games. Don't give a crap about its extra features or apps, there's other tech for that if needed.

1upgamer992162d ago

It really bugs me at how underrated the Gamecube is. Talk about Graphics and the Wii/PS3. Lets look at Gamecube/PS2. The Graphics on the Cube were far better than PS2, and the Gamecube had almost 2Xs the power of PS2.