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Jim Sterling writes, "I am a bigger believer in the Wii U than I ever was with the Wii, and I think that, at least in terms of usability, Nintendo has concocted for itself the perfect storm.

... With some caveats, of course."

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32163d ago

All the reviews I've read don't have a true specs breakdown. I guess maybe they have to send these consoles back to Nintendo which means no breakdown.

YoungPlex2163d ago

Yea man, I'll be up in the morning to get all 3 of mine... I excited and happy with everything I've seen so far. Sure I'm a little disappointed with a couple of things, like Nintendo TVii not being available til December, but realistically it's not that big of a deal. I see great things for Nintendo and will be there every step of the moment as a true believer, same goes for any future console that is promising. I'm a gamer, that's what I do!

Enjoy it my friend because at 9am I'll be enjoying it too!

Jobesy2163d ago

lol you guys are funny. If he didn't like it you would have raged and talked crap. Destructoid and Jim Sterling, the same that get bashed for their sometimes harsh reviews are all of a sudden awesome...until the first sub 7.5 Wii U game is reviewed that is lol. Review comment sections nowadays are so entertaining.

Still, I hope the Wii U does well, I just get a kick out of review comment sections.

YoungPlex2163d ago

Don't know who Jim Sterling is but I'm glad you could get a laugh off of believing your own fantasies! Nothing could bring me down from the excitement I'm experiencing tonight not even trolls! Goodnight to you sir!

ronin4life2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Is that different from... anyone else on this site though?
@[email protected];

Y_51502163d ago

A brilliant review! Makes me regret not pre-ordering it right now. :P
Even so, the Wii U reign has BEGUNN!!!

NaViTo2163d ago

"Then there's the fact that the Wii U itself, with its chintzy materials and giant charging bricks, seems more like a prototype than a polished product. The touchscreen is a mess, the controller feels like someone mapped the buttons wrong, and even the console is bigger and clunkier than it should be.

In all, the Wii U is still as much a tech demo as anything else. It can do remarkable things, but exactly what those things are and how we can best use them are yet to be determined."

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