Wii U Impressions Episode 4: The Internet Browser

On this next episode of Wii U Impressions, we will talk about the Internet Browser.

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BigTonytheDon2188d ago

So you're telling me I can play my little brothers dumb YouTube videos and browse at the same time? I feel something poking in my pants.

Jon_Fu_2188d ago

This just blew my mind. Where's episode 5?

nassour2188d ago

im not really into this whole console browser thing

osiris2188d ago

Im the exact same, that's why I got my laptop! but HTML 5 support pretty good

teezanpleez2188d ago

i know what you doing there !!! keep me posting nassour !!!

DevilRebellion2188d ago

It's great to see the internet browser looking good! Can't wait to see this in motion, in front of me, with my own eyes!

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