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"If you’re having an argument about why Call of Duty is the greatest franchise ever and just can’t find the words you need to win, like Call of Duty does, then just link the clueless fools to this article. It’ll win for you. Like Call of Duty does." - Capsule Computers

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futurefrog2160d ago

What a messed up article, comparing COD to diabetes? WTF!? Some valid points though about how it is heaps good franchise!!!

knowyourstuff2159d ago

In case you or anyone else hasn't already gotten this stupid joke, this is a parody article where everything is supposed to be nonsense because - that's the joke.

It's like how Republicans feel about Ronald Regan and their US Constitution - totally infallible in any way, delivered to us as a gift from heaven. Just keep that in mind as you're reading it and you'll laugh harder.

Blastoise2159d ago

It's just a new way for people to whine about Call of duty.

Apparently everyone's bored of hating it on forums and have resorted to parody post's.

I don't know what's more pathetic, the fact Call of duty still gets people so angry or the fact that 9/10 people thought the blatantly obvious joke article was real.

ALLWRONG2159d ago

Ironic how Republicans idolize Ronald Regan when he wanted to tax the rich more.

It's true

Donnieboi2159d ago

COD [multiplayer] Sucks. Fact.


You just gobble long dongs at fps.

futurefrog2160d ago

Coincidence that they have Black Ops 2 ad on there site!?!?

masterabbott2160d ago

I've said this before and I'm going to say it again and again! The COD Series suck ass and everything else it can get it's mouth around!

LOGICWINS2160d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Truth be told, I've never seen such rabid devotion to a gaming franchise in my life(with the exception of Mario). Don't care what anyone says, but when THAT many people are waiting in line at midnight to get the game, thats much more than just "following the crowd". These people truly have a passion for this franchise. I would never bash anyone for being passionate about a video game.

Hellsvacancy2159d ago

Its not "passion or devotion" its impatience, these people that go to these midnight launches and wait in-line for a game that gets released EVERY year, there not much different to a crack head waiting to get his next fix "must play COD must play COD"

I can understand if youve been waiting a few years for a game to be released, but the same people that went to the Black Ops 2 launch will go to the Modern warfare 4 launch next year

Tetsujin2159d ago


Actually, yes it is follow the leader; as you get older you don't buy something just because someone "said" to or because "it's the thing," you buy it because you want to. With CoD I've seen more kids and people under 25 waiting at midnight releases than someone my age (30+) waiting for it; no I'm not saying someone like me will not go to a midnight release and no I'm not saying adults my age and older don't wait; I'm saying its less likely. No I'm not a CoD fan and Activision lost me as a customer back in 2009, however no I will not lose respect or diss someone for liking a game of their choosing.

Hicken2159d ago

You do realize that the larger the crowd gets, the harder it gets to go against it, right? The more people there are, the more pressure to conform, and the less incentive there is to act independently.

The fact that people regularly can't point to the thing that they like that CoD does better than other games is telling.

Again, not that the game is bad at all, but it's certainly not good enough to warrant the popularity it enjoys.

Donnieboi2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

@ Masterabbott: Well said. Bubbles for you, wise man!

@ Logic: Stop trying to kiss butt just to get bubbles. You know COD sucks. "Devotion"? No. The game never changes, except for the maps. That's not devotion, that's wallet rape.

LOGICWINS2159d ago

Sir, if the first thing that pops into your mind when you look at my post is me "kissing butt", then I'm sorry...I don't swing that way.

A7XEric2159d ago

Not going to give this site hits.

Seriously though, is this just a troll article?

cpayne932159d ago

It's just a joke, the whole thing is sarcastic, it's not seriously saying cod is good.

smashcrashbash2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Please. I have no problem with people playing the game but please stop calling it the best franchise ever. just because people cling to something and refuse to let go no matter how mediocre or tedious it gets doesn't make it the best franchise ever.I know a ton of games that are better then COD in many ways. Just because a ton of people rush to do or see something doesn't make it the greatest anything. Transformers,Twilight, Dragonball Z and Naruto are very good example. All of them suck so much and yet people flock to them. Does that make them the best? No.Was Transformers the greatest. No.I know plenty of movies better then it, ten times better then it.

Was Brave the greatest movie Pixar made? No.And yet it will still get nominated and win awards and people will run to see it. It just means that people cling to it and won't let it go. The millions of Twilight fans may say it is the greatest movies they have ever seen but to everyone else it is a waste of space. Try to tell any Naruto fan that there are better mangas then it and they will eat your head off. Does that make it the best? No.It just has enough people to say it's the best and to shout down anyone who says otherwise. That is why they keep making crappy Twilight movies. Because they have enough clingy fans to keep it going. But does that make it the best movie ever? No it doesn't.

MattyG2159d ago

Read the article before writing a novel based off the headline.

LOGICWINS2159d ago

"Please. I have no problem with people playing the game but please stop calling it the best franchise ever."

Why? Why can't people say it's the best franchise ever? What difference does it make to you?

So WHAT? So what if you don't think Twilight, DBZ, Naruto, or Transformers are worth the praise? Everyone has opinions...just like you do. Your opinions are no better than theirs.

Getowned2159d ago

Did you just compare Twilight with DBZ and dare you!!!


Yeah you are saying people play a game for hours upon hours just because everyone else does it and not because they love to. People have different opinions you know and are allowed to say and think whatever they like.

My favourite game of all time is The Secret of Monkey Island, that doesnt mean everyone else should feel the same way i do, although it is...

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