Heavy Rain Interview

An impressive "surprise" demo at this year's E3, Heavy Rain grabbed the attention of a lot of curious show-goers thanks to its excellent visuals, believable actress, and the fact that it's an all-new adventure game from the same folks that brought us 2005's award-winning Indigo Prophecy.

Unfortunately for most of us, a lot of information about the new game wasn't readily available at the show. To help straighten things out, IGN spoke with the France-based development team, Quantic Dream. Founder and CEO David Cage, COO and Executive Producer Guillaume de Fondaumière, and Lead Character Designer Thierry Prodhomme all chimed in with answers (and allusions) to a number of our most immediate questions.

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Islandkiwi5826d ago

I can't believe this game got so much hype. Was I the only one that (tried to) play Indigo Prophecy?

omansteveo5826d ago

i liked indigo prophecy, i wsh they wouldve let you have a little more control in some areas but i thought it was cool

OutLaw5826d ago

I feel with a little work this game could turn out to be good.

Wotbot5826d ago

Could have possibilities.

The game engine looks good. And I loved Fahrenheit.

So fingers crossed on this one.

Qofthedead5826d ago

I dont get the point to this game. I mean if its like Indigo Propheies, the story is fine, although the gameplay looks like its lacking.Basically it looks pretty, that all.

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The story is too old to be commented.