Mentally prepping for the Wii U pre-order pickup at Walmart’s layaway department

Technology Tell writes: "I just called Walmart to confirm that I will be able to pick up my Wii U that I “reserved” by buying it using the store’s layaway program. The official launch is at midnight less than seven hours away and, like many stores, Walmart is having its own launch party, whatever that may mean."

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aviator1892188d ago

lol...."mentally prepping" to pick up a pre-order..

Moonman2188d ago

I submitted it because it was an update to his (and mine...and most likely others) first experience with the wonderful world of walmart He made an article weeks ago when WiiU was first available for pre-order only through this special program. I secured mine this way so I am thanking him so to speak. :)

Moonman2188d ago

Maybe some of you can't find the sarcasm in this. But let me school you. It isn't like walking in Gamestop and making a pre-order where everyone working there knows exactly what you are talking about. This was a process for anyone who is not familiar with Walmart or layaway. Talking to about 5 different people who were clueless until one person understood that there was a pre-order for a new game console but only in their freakin' layaway department. lol

VINNIEPAZ2188d ago

standing in line right now :)

Deathdeliverer2188d ago

DUDE! So F'n true. I already plan on raising hell if they give me some crap. I have NEVER been that person before, but my walmart is HORRIBLE. I was the first person to reserve at my walmart and they had no idea what the hell I was talking about. I tried my darndest to explain to everyone, even the store manager. I could hear him loudly talking about me to other employees behind that flimsy ass back room door thing. " How are we supposed to layaway something that isnt here, I hate customers like this. They think they know how the everything works" So frustrated I went home, pulled up the walmart site and looked at that weeks ad. IT WAS ON THE FRONT PAGE! I went back to the store mad as hell now. Grabbed a ad from the bin near the door and went to the layaway again. Asked for the manager and showed him the ad. He looks like he got his nuts put in a blender when he leaves to check his email. Comes back apologizing saying that they JUST sent the email 5 minutes ago.... Anyway I paid the system off 2 days ago and asked how the release was going to be. Will layaway be open at midnight so i can pick it up or will I have to come in the am. (24hr walmart) The lady tells me it launches on the 18th but they wont put them out till the 19th. I wont even go into the shit that was said. I asked another person on my way out. A young guy that looked like he might play games. He tells me that they did that with Black Ops 2. They gave the game out the day AFTER the release date. This is why im ready to raise hell. I have my ad that says available for pick up Nov. 18th and I've already called corporate to be sure and they were blown away by the stuff I told them. Even with all that, it takes the patience of a Jedi master to deal with my walmart. And right about now, im feeling like a sith.

Moonman2188d ago

Oh man, hope you get it on the 18th bro!!!! I'm picking mine up early in the morning. I won't ever go to sleep if I get at Just relax and hope for the best....Jedi Master....bubbled U. :)

live2play2188d ago

yea its gonna be tough sleeping for me tonight

im gonna be able to get mine at 11am but cant play it till 12pm

rainslacker2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I have to pick mine up at 11am because of no midnight release. Unfortunately I have to be at work at noon so I won't be able to play until 8-9pm. Still having some people come over and we're gonna have a Wii U party.:)

Margaritas and little Mexican appetizers FTW :-D

live2play2188d ago

wow man i feel your pain

i hope you can get your wiiu on the 18th

i remember 2 times i managed to get my stuff midnight
SSBB and black DSi when i released

but no luck on other games nor the 3ds's

tell me how it turned out! :D

Deathdeliverer2188d ago

By the way you guys, we should come back here and add each other after we setup our WiiNews. It would be cool to get some names on the friends list so that we can test out features. Hope its simple.

imXify2188d ago

Gonna wait at least 30 minutes before the store opens up at 10am to pick it up.