Bad Port or Bad Hardware? We're Already Hearing Complaints About Wii U Visuals.

As Nintendo's first high definition console, Wii U will join the neverending, nothing-really-proven debate between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 over which console's visuals for whatever multiplatform game are superior. Some people are convinced it's a bad port, others are convinced it proves inferior hardware.

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Series_IIa2164d ago

Anyone remember launch 360 and PS3 games? They sure didn't look all that great either.

Take a look at Condemned and Resistance: FoM both launch games, they looked pretty decent compared to a PS2 game but compared to what games came out a year later they look awful. - Resistance - Condemned

iamnsuperman2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I think using them as an example is a bad idea. This big difference there is it was the first time developers really went from SD to HD (big step) on consoles. I think this is more down to lazy porting by the developers. The step from this generation to next isn't as big as it was last generation

TheDivine2164d ago

Your right comparing ps2 to ps3 is like comparing wii to wii-u. Last console to the next console. Comparing a wii-u multiplat to a 360/ps3 multiplat isnt really saying much. As a port its prob about the same minus a few niggles if dev's arent used to the hardware.

Now if all multiplats are downgraded somethings wrong. If all look far better somethings right. If theyre comparable everythings normal. People shouldnt judge the wii-u against a decked out rig, a ps3, or an atari. Compare it to the wii and see if its a worthy upgrade and see if it has titles you want.

EeJLP-2163d ago

Resistance: Fall of Man is a classic.

Don't lump it together with that Condemned garbage; which first released on PS3 in 2008 by the way, not 2006.

JsonHenry2163d ago

going from SD to HD is not hard for devs.. going from Intel/Nvidia PC parts in Xbox to a unified architecture with IBM/ATI parts is a harder step to take.

But we all know that the more experience devs have with a system the better the games look as the life of the console goes on.

2163d ago
Conquerbeard2163d ago

@EeJLP - Condemned is more of a classic than Generic Brown Shooter #48.

Sarcasm2163d ago

I don't think its exactly "Laziness" but really because its what the name suggests, a "Port." When you port from one set to another without building from the ground up, it will never be like the original. There are a FEW cases that porting over from another console actually benefited, but in most cases I don't see it.

So its no surprise that ports to the Wii U will be like this.

AsimLeonheart2163d ago

LOL! After all the hype created by Nintendo and their fans by touting the BEST launch line-up EVER, these are the reviews they get. The graphics of this supposedly "next-gen" console are worse than current gen. Moreover, slowly the reality about Wii U is being revealed. We now know that WiiU RAM is slower than 6/7 year old PS360. The 5GB firmware update is bricking consoles. Soon the underpowered CPU and GPU will be revealed as well. Nintendo was hiding the specs and details for this very reason. They were tricking the Nintendo fans into buying this crappy, underpowered and last-gen console.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Sorry but there was a clear diffrence from ps2 to ps3 with resistance launch.
does that look like a ps2 games? look better than mw3. and far behind zombie u.

As far as wiiU goess.
I don't even see one semi next gen looking games on wiiU.

This is how wiiU games should look in the about a year?
accept with 1080p & 60fps.
Don't act like you wouldn't be impressed if that was a wiiU demo. (talk about gameplay if you want I am talking about the visuals.)

and it's off screen.

ps4 is gonna so own wiiU.

Not because of hardware but the great hardware pushing devs nerds that sony has.

eferreira2164d ago

Is it me or does resistance look better than zombiu

SuperShyGuy2164d ago

Well PS2 was the weakest of the 3 that gen

A better example is final years XBOX and launch 360 games.

You could argue that DOOM 3 as good as Perfect Dark Zero

StanSmith2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

That was the worst example you could give really as Heavy Rain and Beyond do not play like other games. They are more like interactive movies.

Before anyone starts too, show me a game that has those graphics on PS3/360. Sorry but there isn't one. Beyond and Heavy Rain (as good as it was) sacrifice being a game for those graphics.

Uncharted and God of War 3 are still the games to beat on consoles. They are real games with great graphics.

SnotyTheRocket2164d ago

60fps? Yeah, I'll be getting a Wii U, but it's not THAT much more powerful than the 360 and PS3.

Moonman2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )


What is so wrong with ZombiU graphics?


I mean damn they aren't mind blowing, but they are at least atmospheric and clean.

pixelsword2164d ago

I say give it a little time even though some experts already said that the Wii U wasn't very powerful; I do remember the experts of the experts saying the same thing about the PS3.

WeAreLegion2164d ago

@StanSmith - Uncharted 2/3, Killzone 2/3, and Gran Turismo 5 are "real games" with those graphics. What are you talking about? What about The Last of Us? An argument could be made for LittleBigPlanet 2, as well.

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ProjectVulcan2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Does anyone really think that Wii U shouldn't be thrashing 360 and PS3 from day one, out the box? Certainly I expected Nintendo to build something affordable, but in 2012 that should comfortably beat existing machines while not being too expensive to manufacture.

When you consider the kind of performance you get from a £65/$90 PC graphics card that comfortably beats out the consoles. A Radeon 6670 GDDR5 is plainly faster than 360 and PS3.

You can only pin down so much to this being a new machine and developers being unfamiliar. Indications suggest that Wii U's hardware is fairly standard stuff.

But even taking into account some developer unfamiliarity, Wii U should really be trouncing existing consoles. Really it should, I don't see an excuse why it shouldn't be able to comfortably best a 7 year old console like xbox 360 from day one.

If Nintendo were serious when they said Wii U will keep up with Sony's and Microsoft's next offerings...

I will be interested in following up on the other ports and multi plats Wii U is getting to see how it really compares.

krisq2164d ago

Disagrees to a spot on post? Only on N4G.

HammadTheBeast2164d ago

The thing is, based on the dev kits sent to PS4 and Xbox devs, the Wii U will not be able to keep up with the next-gen competition. We've seen this played out before, with the Wii. Also, the hidden costs of the Wii U are a lot. My observations though, you could be correct or I could. The future will tell.


Claiming that one's opinion is a "fact"? Only on N4G.

Quetzll2164d ago

I didn't buy a 360 for nearly two years after it launched. Was underwhelmed with the "leap". But then, games started looking better and better. The final games of PS2/GC/XBOX hardly looked any worse than launch games for 360/PS3.

You can expect the same thing with the wiiU, as far as launch games compare to later games.

Computersaysno2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I don't think thats really the point being made here Quetzil.

The point as I see it is that Mass effect 3 is already like the 3rd game in the series on Xbox 360, and so it is fairly well advanced graphically.

Even so would you expect Wii U to struggle at all with that? When Xbox 360 launched would you expect it to struggle with a straight up port of ANY Xbox or PS2 game? Of course not!!!!!!

Wii U should comfortably run ME3 right away. I mean if you used latest version of photoshop on a 7 year old PC and bought a new PC now- even like a super budget new one, would you expect photoshop to run better?

You would cos it would. Point is even budget 2012 tech is gonna (or should be) be better than premium 2005 tech cos tech moves fast like this.

Super duper 2005 PC with $1000 AMD 4800+ dual core gonna get stabbed by cheapass $50 2012 Intel Celeron G530.

So no matter if Wii U is brand new to developers how can it not run a game better designed for 7 year old hardware?

Deku-Johnny2164d ago

360 and PS3 didn't thrash Xbox and PS2 out of the box so why would you expect any different for this gen? Not to mention 'not being too expensive to manufacture' have you not heard about the state of the world's economy compared to 2006. Give it time.

DigitalAnalog2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

The situation is somewhat familiar when you factor the Gamecube on the PS2 era. Early games didn't exactly "blow" away the PS2 not until the Resident Evil series started to flex it's muscles. 3rd party devs really don't place emphasis on system hardware unless they need to be competitive (see Vita).

By then, I'll give it an extra year before making final reservations.

ProjectVulcan2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

"360 and PS3 didn't thrash Xbox and PS2 out of the box so why would you expect any different for this gen?"

I'll stop you there as it is fairly obvious this statement is quite, quite insane. You clearly didn't have Xbox or 360 on launch like I did.

Before you even talk about quality of the texture assets in launch games of xbox 360, from the very kickoff it knocked out more than TWICE the resolution of ANY xbox games, even the PAL ones that might be 720 x 540. Straight up there is a quantum leap in fidelity from an Xbox on a SDTV to a 360 on a HDTV.

Even if you pick the genuinely best looking games on the Xbox later in its life, the most powerful console of its generation, and compare it to a brand new xbox 360 launch title.

Sooo...Project Gotham 2? Frankly PGR3 blows it out the water.

Oddworld Strangers Wrath on xbox usually considered a graphical tour de force of the time- Stands up to Kameo does it? Clearly it does not.

What about Black, on xbox in SD. Does that look remotely as good as Call of duty 2 does on 360 in glorious HD? Hilarious anyone suggesting so.

Need I say more to utterly dismember your comment?

Ok, so I never expected Wii U to be a quantum leap like that because I said that in my first post and pointed out about the current economy. BUT like computersaysno said (and I highlighted first post again), even CHEAP new processor technology easily beats up premium modern tech from 2005.

I don't see the excuse for Wii u to do anything less. Any excuses about developers getting to grips with new technology is fairly weak looking at history (in fact 360 had THE fastest launch cycle in console history hows that for devs being rushed), and seeing how fast technology advances and knowing how even cheap modern technology should utterly destroy quality tech back in the day.

Of course what matters is Nintendo's games for this machine. However it is really not impressive if Wii U isn't beating PS3 and 360 comprehensively graphically from day one.

P.S Digitalanalog, PS2 and Gamecube weren't separated by 7 years and a supposed generation....try 18 months.

GuyManDude2164d ago


krisq didn't say vulcanproject's post was fact. krisq said vulcanproject made an accurate observation, and he/she did. The Wii U's launch titles should look better than what's out there now. There should be a noticeable gap. With 6-7 years since current gen consoles launched and developers like Ubisoft who are familiar with HD programming, these games should have been better. I don't know why Nintendo won't just announce what's under the hood already.


You were underwhelmed with the leap in 360 games in 2007?

I'd say that this:

Looks a bit better than this:

But that's just me.


pain777pas2164d ago

PGR3 is a good example of a glimpse at next gen from day 1 for MS and Oblivion Folklore Genji Resistance all did not look like PS2 games for sure. NG3 Wii U was documented in IGN review to look worse than the other 2 consoles. Oblivion PS3 which was a launch title was better looking than the Xbox 360 version so...

krisq2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

vulcanproject made a very valid point in his comment. Not sure where you see this 'fact' you're speaking of.

sak5002163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )


+reps bro, best comment. I wanted to say that myself what you said in your 2nd comment about being blown away in terms of next gen title. Even though i didn't try xbox original, but had ps2, i picked up a 50" 720p HD tv back in late 2005 prior to launch of 360. Then went and got a 360 in Jan'06. The leap of graphics from GT4 on p2 to PGR3 was huge. GT4 looked like it was made from razor blades on my HDTV due to extreme aliasing which i never noticed and loved the game and graphics, till i got pgr3. Man the reflection of sun on windscreen which showed scratches, the buildings looked so realistic and the interiors were amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes. Perfect Dark Zero was the bundled game and it was having bump map or normal mapping, these effects i had only seen before in PC games. I never went for the so called computer entertainment system called Ps3 this gen cuz i was in love with the 360 from that time on.

That was one of those rare occasions in my life concerning video gaming when i felt really in awe. I remember it from jumping from C64 to amiga500, PC 386 to Pentium 90 to play need for speed, regular pc chunky/tiled graphics to S3 verge effects of special blurred textures technology called alpha blanding in days of DX1. I remember playing Descent on my pc before i upgraded to 1MB (lol) S3 card and after i installed it and the change it made when i enabled the features of S3TC i was amazed.

You're right this was one of those quantum leap moments in the gaming consoles history. I doubt next gen can give us that level of wow factor.

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tehpees32164d ago

PS3 games are still buggy today. Ask Bethesda and Treyarch.

HammadTheBeast2164d ago

Bethesda are bad devs. How about we ask Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, and tons of other first and third party devs why their games aren't buggy?

Ritsujun2164d ago

are you too poor to own more than 1 console?

Jinkies2164d ago

Didn't look great...what are you talking about at the time with the new tec we had I was blown away with what we got on those two consoles

I mean Resistance Fall of Man at the time was amazing to look at.

Ricdog2164d ago

I'm not sure I agree. Resistance FOM didn't look better than games like Half-Life 2 or Counter Strike Source. And those games came out like 2 years or more before the ps3.

tubers2164d ago

I played some Doom 3 on the PC several years back.. and was hearing a lot about the PS3 during it's early days..

Went to play to my friend's house with Resistance and I was so underwhelmed by the visuals.

pain777pas2164d ago

Resistance has moments and what I mean by that some areas look like 2 different games. Some of the game looks amazing and other parts look old. I think they did not have the specs for the system so the first half of the game does not look as good as the latter half of the game. I have played the game recently actually.

BitbyDeath2164d ago

Resistance still looks pretty good compared to todays games, you should have tried picking something more credible.

Moonman2164d ago

Why is Black Ops 2 a hot mess on PS3 after all these years of PS3 development?

So sick of fanboys blaming everything but a developer for technicals.

HarryMasonHerpderp2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

They're just bad ports, we haven't seen what the wiiU can do yet visually and I doubt we will see its true potential until at least the end of next year when devs have got to grips with it.

Eyeco2164d ago

I find it hilarious when people compare Resistance FOM to a ps2 game, it makes me wonder if they've ever played ps2 game or Resistance FOM

chukamachine2164d ago

Actually some parts of resistance look pretty decent, and i'll tell you this. It's the most hectic game on console at times. The only thing they did not have for resistance 1 was texture streaming.

Wii u will get better, and some games will push. But it won't be day and night.

Orionsangel2164d ago

I beg to differ. The original Gears of War was mindblowing on the 360! It still looks amazing almost 6 years later.

SilentNegotiator2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Except it isn't 2005 anymore.

And Nintendo themselves aren't even running their games at 1080p.

showtimefolks2164d ago

how about both? its a new system so developers will take some getting use to and big publishers want a quick cash in so they will port any game that came out as long as they can charge full price again for a game that came out months ago

why are so many people freaking out about wii-u power? its a next gen system for nintendo and moves the industry forward. Will it beat ps4,xbox720 NO but i don't think that was the goal for Nintendo they want a mixture of casual/core gaming console. Its their first HD home console so not not be excited to be able to play their 1st party games in HD?

stop the hate. ps4 and xbox720 will be more powerful than wii-u for one reason

1. wii-u will be out for about an year or more before either ps4,xbox720 so logically both companies will have time to look at the wii-u tech and make improvements. now granted it maybe 10% more powerful than wii-u which is still more than wii-u. It doesn't mean wii-u will fail or suck it just means like every other device and that is when a new one comes out it makes improvements upon the ones already available

Sephiroushin2163d ago

I agree with everything you said but something... 10% less powerful than next gen consoles ... hmm I don't think the next MS and SONY consoles will be just 10% more powerful than a Wii u

showtimefolks2163d ago

That was just an example I know be much more powerful than wiiu

killerhog2164d ago

The jump from ps2 to ps3 was a big leap. It was new technology some devs are still having trouble with and it was from SD to HD. So you can't use your argument as RFOM definitely looks better than last gen games. Wii U should be nothing devs have already seen. So either bad port (which I can admit its probably that) or inferior hardware.

geddesmond2164d ago

What Iamsuperman said. At the start of the PS3/xbox 360 era developers were still building engines and learning new tricks for the HD era. Its 7 years later which means devs have seven years experience with HD graphics. Wii U games will look better as the years go on but no way will you see the kind of leaps that happened between RFOM-UC2.

Also wasn't both Condemned and RFOM originally meant for the PS2?

Slapshot822164d ago

And how many years ago did Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) and Condemned (360) release?

tonywood2163d ago

Yea right!!
Cod 2 & need for speed mist wanted were killer launch 360 titles.
And on the ps3..resistance fall of man carried ps3 on launch day.
Bottom line...wii u needed at dvd playback

grifter0242163d ago

Series_lla- Are you serious? Launch games look damn good still heck I played Kameo a launch 360 game last month and it still looks pretty good and was surprised at how well it stood up to time.

EEjlp- I have no idea how you call "Condemened:Criminal Origins," Garbage. That game is still considered one of the scariest games that came out in recent years and it does still look decent.

How you consider Resistance a better game is your own opinion one in which I don't agree with even though I've played it but to call Condemned trash it stupid.

MostJadedGamer2163d ago

The fact that the Wii U is not absolutely BLOWING away 6, and 7 year consoles is a condemnation no matter what.

Next Gen consoles are suppose to be HUGE leaps.

breakdancefight2163d ago

But those games were built from the ground up for their respective systems. The 2 games mentioned in the article existed and were ported to the Wii-U. If rumors are correct and the Wii-U is as easy to develop for as the original Wii/360 with a bit more power under the hood then we should have had a superior port. Am I wrong?

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decrypt2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

"1Up, in its review of Mass Effect 3, said the game "seems a lot less visually stable," than the Xbox 360 version"

Console gamers... don't care about graphics.

Wii U will do fine.


You sir need to educate yourself if you think it was the first time developers went HD. Going HD is just a resolution upgrade nothing much. Games have been running on the PC in HD since 1998. Back in those days we were playing close to resolutions of 720p (1024*768). By Early 2000 some people were already playing at 1600*1200 (which is about 1080p). So please do not talk about what you dont know.

Devs can at best optimize a game by adjusting Textures, AA, AF, Res etc. Its something simular to what PC gamers do when configuring their games. For a Dev to get a game to run at 720 @ 30fps on console they would have to play around with these sort of settings. Guess why most console games are a blurry mess with low res textures and hardly any AA? The devs simply set those standards since the hardware cant handle more than this.

By next gen there are plans to make tvs at 4k res, sure the next consoles wont be able to handle it, however the PC will. So yes the jump may not be there for consoles, however for the PC it is. Infact some people already play at resolutions like 5760*1080, which is about 6 times higher than the current console 720p standard.

killerhog2164d ago

"Console gamers don't care about graphics."? Speak for yourself.

Sp1d3ynut2164d ago

Obviously you're not familiar with Decrypt's work....

Just ignore the PC troll, like everyone else.

geddesmond2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Lol when people talk HD graphics they don't mean the resolution. Its just a short way of saying all the things in your second paragraph without sounding like a nerdy doucebag. Now when they put 720p or 1080p in front of the HD, then they are talking about resolution.

It wasn't the first time devs used HD resolution heck God of War 2 had a HD resolution unlock but it still looked jaggy and dark. But around that time was when devs started using textures and lighting so the graphics would fit that resolution to give us the best type of picture.

2164d ago
sandman2242164d ago

What we all want to know is how will blops2 look like on wii u compared to its competition. Someone needs to post an article of this. I bet it will be the hottest article.

T9002164d ago

BO 2 is 720p on Wii U. Hence its not a big upgrade from the 630p on PS3 or Xbox 360.

Dasteru2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

[email protected]" = 36.72ppi
[email protected]" = 35.67ppi

The difference is less than 3%

ambientFLIER2164d ago

dasteru - yeah, but BO2 runs at something like 880x720 on the xbox and even less on the ps3!

ambientFLIER2163d ago

Disagrees with my facts? Really?? Really really???

TripC502164d ago

Sounds to me like bad port.

Sgt_Slaughter2164d ago

Thank you. At least someone has some common sense on N4G.

WalterWJR2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Its quite simple... when you buy a game, make sure it plays the way you want it to. Sorry to be blunt but I am sick of all these flame wars.