Dear Video Game Journalists

A letter to the professional gaming sites from The Vita Lounge.

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boybato3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Nice article...

main reason why I prefer Amazon user reviews (which sometimes does not make sense) as opposed to that of "professional" journalist/reviewers.

NewMonday3231d ago

great article

good to know it wasn't just me who thinks something is really wrong here. the good thing about this is that many younger gamers will do what many older gamers do, and that is go independent from the opinion of these "big" game sites and trust fellow gamers and their own guts

strigoi8143231d ago

well said. I just hope somebody listen coz ive been sick reading this " vita is dead" articles

izumo_lee3231d ago

This was one of the most refreshing, honest, passionate articles i have read on N4G in a long time. Some of the points that Buramu made out in this are pretty note-worthy, which makes me wonder what are the true intentions of game journalist? Are they here to provide fair, unbiased info to consumers or are they here to get traffic for their respective site for maybe a higher paycheck?

The 3DS is a great device but have any of us seen the games for it be compared to console games. Just cause Sony is marketing (which we have criticized them for) their new system as 'console like' do we actually take that seriously?

Props to Buramu for speaking his mind & questioning his peers for some questionable articles & reviews. I tremble in fear of the thoughts of having to play Angry Birds for the rest of my life on a portable system/phone.

tiffac0083231d ago

I agree, especially this paragraph here:

"Back when the 3DS was hurting badly you had a field-day predicting its demise and anticipating Nintendo to finally go software only. Now that the 3DS is selling nicely it seems to have become the darling of your reviewing community. Instead the Vita now has the pleasure of incessantly being on the receiving end of your silly predictions and unfair treatment."

knifefight3231d ago

The part that ensures we can take this article more seriously than others is the Spiderman quote.

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