Reggie Fils-Aime pops up on Jimmy Fallon Nov 16th to show Wii U

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"Every time we watch Jimmy Fallon host a gaming segment, we get a little giddy — maybe not nearly as much as he does, but close enough. Last night, November 16th, Jimmy had Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime on to show the Wii U. The two played a round of Nintendoland‘s Metroid Blast, before the Nintendo Treehouse’s Bill Trinen jumped in to help play New Super Mario Bros U."

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1upgamer992162d ago

This was right after E3 old show, and news. Must have been a repeat cause I saw this months ago.

kewlrats2162d ago

This one was from last night, November 16th.

1upgamer992162d ago

No it was not. here is the you tube link. It was a repeat.

guitarded772162d ago

@ 1upgamer99

This was a new show... Reggie was on Fallon's show after E3, but he came back with Wii U again for last nights show.

MikeMyers2162d ago

That's not the same show. If you look the new airing was with the black Wii U, that Youtube video was the white one.

I always enjoy Jimmy's enthusiasm when playing games.

byeldell342162d ago

yeah the first time it was white and the 2nt was black

TripC502162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I forsee nut shots on the guy playing/concentrating on the gamepad in Metroid blast in the very near future. Nintendo will end friendships and explode testicles very soon just you wait and see.

Peppino72162d ago

Once again, Jimmy shows he is a make-believe gamer. At least he promotes our favorite hobby tho!!!

Nevers0ft2162d ago

For a guy who presumably makes shitloads of money, why does Reggie always look like he gets his clothes from charity stores? I've seen better dressed tramps.

Plagasx2162d ago

Sometimes it's unbearable to watch Jimmy get excited about everything like a 12 year old..

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