Why annual sequels might be killing your favorite franchises

You might be enjoying Halo 4 and Black Ops II for now, but these yearly installments might actually be hurting your favorite series in the long run.

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Kalowest2160d ago

WTF... Halo is not annual.

NewZealander2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I agree but there has been halo games yearly since halo 3 except 2008.
2007 Halo 3
2009 Halo wars And halo ODST
2010 Halo Reach
2011 Halo Remake
2012 Halo 4
2013 Halo 2 Remake?
2014 Halo 5 next console?

marcmjm2160d ago

Dummy, Halo Wars came out in 08'.

BinaryMind2160d ago

To be fair, titles like Halo Wars and Halo remakes don't really count. In the same vein that a Mario spin-off wouldn't count as a new Mario game. Otherwise you could call Mario what a... quad-annual franchise? No stagnation there.

Halo 4 took four years to make, so unless Halo 5 is already well in development I can't see the next one until 2015.

TheFreak2160d ago

Cod is dying thats for sure

DarkSymbiote2159d ago

Annual games aren't killing anything. It's gamers who buy them yearly are.