PS3 Memory card Adapter Revealed

Sony aswell as releasing some info. on the new PS3 remote, they have also gone and revealed the new PS3 memory card adapter...

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THE TRUTH5910d ago

only $13 that's pretty cheap

coolfool5910d ago

everyone is going to buy one (unless of course you borrow your friends or something) so it would be pretty unfair of sony to rape us just for using the backwards compatibility feature of the system.

AuburnTiger5910d ago

Damn, you call 13 dollars rape? What's the matter with you?

lalaland5910d ago

only if you've got precious saves you would like to transfer. By the way, to do the same on the X360 with one of the few games that actually is backwards compatible, you'll need both a PC and an adaptor -- now THAT is expensive!

kmis875910d ago

The adaptor price doesn't seem so bad, except we'll probably see it at $15-20 over here. And the $40 for a controller is just as bad as Nintendo, and $10 better than Microsoft. I hope they put 2 controllers in the box, I hate having to buy an extra one on the first day.

D3acon5910d ago

I hope that the controller and headset are included in the box, let your friends buy their own.

GRUNT5910d ago

It looks like a box on a cord
I like you alot SONY but be more creative <_<