The Wii U is set up for failure

GamesBeat's Dan Hsu details why he thinks Nintendo has set the Wii U up for failure.

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Lifeequals422215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Great stuff, Shoe. I think Nintendo has made a grievous error in trying to straddle the fence between casual and hardcore. I can't see the casuals ponying up for a new console so soon, and there's little for core gamers but ports.

Snookies122215d ago

ZombiU is about the only thing I was really interested in for the Wii U. Hope they actually come out with some big titles soon for it.

darthv722215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

would be to do something as drastic as to flat out stop production of the existing wii right away. That sounds extreme but considering the wii-u can do everything the wii did AND more means that it would be the logical choice for anyone looking to buy one.

Obviously, they cant do that but there is a benefit for having direct BC playback of existing games. It serves as an interim for games to come that do take advantage of the newer features.

i mean, when i got my ps2, I put my ps1 away because why would i need to have the ps1 out anymore if my ps2 played the same games? It was the same when i got the 3ds. No need for the ds/dsi if the 3ds can play my current library.

The obvious intent for someone buying a new system is of course new games but you cant deny the fact that still being able to play ones you may have or ones that you wanted to get is a selling point unto itself.

Ms took the risk of cutting off xbox support once the 360 was released. It seems to have worked in their situation. Would it work for another company like nintendo or Both of them are more concerned with hurting peoples feeling than literally creating a forced adoption of their newest platform.

I mean seriously, you know what hurt sony more than Ms or even nintendo? It was sony and their continued support of a platform that people felt was "good enough" to not warrant them buying their latest and greatest.

If nintendo continues to support the wii (hardware) then they too will feel that sting of consumers buying the lesser than the better. And by this i am simply meaning the actual hardware. game development can continue all it wants because there will be people out there that will buy the software. for the wii, wii-u or even wiiware.

It is a bold move but does nintendo have the balls to do it?

blitz06232215d ago

Wow never thought I'd see a doom article that's not about Sony

ronin4life2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

You obviously weren't here from the 3ds launch up until this summer then.

They are both game consoles. That's what that has to do with it.

Mainly, if he thinks that the wiiu will do so poorly that radical changes would be needed, he should know that it took far less for the ps3. Hell, even the 3ds needed a half year after launch boost... so 3 years doesn't sound so bad were it to happen.

stragomccloud2214d ago

True about the xbox bc. However, I feel like they stopped bc after they finished working on all the important games. I was quite happy that all of the games I wanted to be able to replay on my 360 were supported.

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LOGICWINS2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Exactly lifeequals! The Wii U is stuck in the middle. Too expensive to be considered a casuals console and lacking the system selling core exclusives to make it appeal to the hardcore. Nintendo fanatics will buy it though.

PopRocks3592215d ago

Too expensive? It's a brand new console that's only slightly above hardware that's over half a decade old.

Secondly what exactly is the issue with pandering to more than one demographic? I thought appealing to more people was supposed to be a good thing.

shempo2212d ago

stragom....what important games ? oO u mean the same 2 franchise they milk since launch ? gotcha

Persistantthug2215d ago

They didn't even bother to put in trophies or achievements.

It's like Nintendo is far from understanding what hardcore really wants these days.

Also, Nintendo's gonna have to prove that it can lock down real 3rd party support. As of now, Rockstar hasn't even bothered to mention the Wii u for GTA 5.
Nintendo gotta get that game to show us they REALLY REALLY want to do right by the hardcore....otherwise, it will be the GAMECUBE all over again.

Neonridr2215d ago

yeah cause you're not hardcore unless you have trophies or achievements. You realize that Sony didn't come out with trophies for the first 2 years of the PS3's life right?

jmc88882215d ago

Trophies or achievements are nothing. They are FAKE achievements. Sorry, videogames doesn't accomplish anything. You don't change the world with video games.

They're fun. So the whole idea of 'accomplishments' are oxymoronic in nature.

So if they want to have them...sure, ok. But to lament not having these fake things, is like getting mad that a fake unreality tv show like Jersey Shore got canceled. It's flat out twisted thinking.

Hardcore gamers don't care about achievements. OCD gamers do, and they could be hardcore gamers, but that has nothing to do with being 'hardcore'.

They have real 3rd party support, you just can't read a dev list and notice who is working massively on the console. Ubisoft, Activision, Gearbox, EA, and the list goes on and on. You'll get CoD. You'll get Battlefield. You'll get Madden. You'll get the next Mass Effect trilogy. You won't get GTA V, at least not initially, maybe not at all. But GTA VI? Sure. There's NO reason not to.

People have it in their heads that Nintendo doesn't want 3rd parties making games for their systems. That 3rd parties have some incentive to NOT work on certain consoles. The fact is, if the console can do what they are coding for, they'll put it out on as wide of a list of platforms as possible in order to sell more units and make more money. So yes, since the Wii U can run all the main engines that will run most games for the next decade, you'll see 3rd party support massively. Is it that hard to understand?

GTAV has been in the works for YEARS. It comes out in MARCH. So a three year project is supposed to come out a new system that debuts 4 months before that game's release? You need DEV kits to code for it. Dev kits didn't even exist until GTA V was already well over half made. A little late to make it.

It's more like you're far from understanding the real things at play here. It's ok, it doesn't matter as you understanding things isn't required. But you're wrong.

The Wii U online infrastructure is a question mark. But let's not forget they hired people that made Xbox live. So, I doubt they do something ten years later and screw it up.

Theyellowflash302215d ago

Trophies and achievements have nothing to do with Nintendo's success or failure. Not to mention if they become that important, Nintendo could always add them. Plus the Vita has trophies, 3DS doesnt..... Vita is getting its ass kicked. Nintendo knows what hardcore gamers want. Metroid, Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Fire Emblem.

I think you just dont like Nintendo. Don't speak in a broad term as far as 'hardcore gamers' Wii U is sold out across the US.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I think the HDD's situation is bull. First time I have ever seen were every single console gamer need an external hdd. Also what about if a hhd doesn't respond?

Nintendo driver update from seagate?

If something goes wrong I would have to contact seagate about my hdd not working on wiiU? And they will be like "whhhaa??"

is wiiU prepared to accept all hard drives?

This would be easier to fix on a pc.

millzy1022214d ago

I'm buying a Wii u and not getting a HDD as I only buy retail games in physical format (apart from some download only games but not many) I have the 32 gig version ordered and that enough memory for me at the moment so no not every gamer will need one, my ps3 160gb HDD is full of mandatory installs that equals 115gb becsue the blue ray drive to slow to load textures because it only reads 9mbs a problem Wii u won't have. take of the reserved data after formating only leaves me with 25 gig to play with less than Wii u so there you have it. the Wii u doesn't need massive amounts of data unless you plan on buying downloads.

Mikito112214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Erm you never heard of Xbox's over expensive HDD's? It didnt have any internal memory at all!!! Fuck the 25 gig HDD cost £70 for me when it first came out so STFU & GTFO

jmc88882215d ago

Straddle the fence? You mean you're one of those people that believes appearance is everything?

The fact remains it isn't what someone try's to aim a console at that matters, it is finding out what it is capable of doing, and allowing it to be fully utilized.

Guess what that means, Nintendo can make Nintendo games, and 3rd party can make 3rd party games. You'll have Mario AND the hardcore games.

I'm a core gamer. It's got my money. But then again I've been gaming since Atari/Apple II, so at 34, I've seen lots of consoles launch from many different manufacturers. Could notice the differences between them all and how much better each one from the predecessor.

So you have the problem between your ears that is called misconception. It's your problem. It's okay to have it, it's not fatal or anything. But there's nothing wrong with the console, you just seem to have a bias against it.

There was a time when Nintendo WAS the hardcore. Just because it wasn't for the last decade, doesn't mean the viewpoint that 'Nintendo is for kiddies' is correct or forever.

Self-limiting behaviors or viewpoints are one's own fault and problem.

Dan Hsu's points are even real.

1. $300-#350 isn't expensive. Not when the dollar has been devalued 70 percent since Sony launched theirs for $599.

Seriously. His first point is all about 'perception'. Well 'perception' is faulty. So if people want to go around the world perceiving things as morons, they are free to do it. Doesn't mean there's validity in anything they are perceiving.

2. Another nothing statement. No one is waiting around for a week to buy the Wii U version. Really? I'm guessing Hsu should stay away from Casinos because it sure seems he has a little problem with thinking the world shares his compulsive tendencies. No Hsu, that is not normal, and yes people can wait. I'm one of them. In fact, I'm waiting until Xmas to even open my preordered Wii U. How's that.

Meanwhile what's RIGHT NOW, isn't the FUTURE. So because it's all 'old stuff' from 6-9 months ago...that means that all the other games will be....6-9 months old? No HSU, they were getting recent games out to make sure their audience can have them, and assure their customers that the SEQUELS like Mass Effect 4 will be on the Wii U. But HSU misses that like druggie misses a piss test.

3. We haven't seen ONE killer app. Umm the system has just launched. There isn't ONE killer app usually. It's what app is killer to YOU. Some it's Zelda. Some it's Halo. Some it's something else. But last I checked.

New Super Mario Bros Wii sold 26.26 million units.

You need to add BOTH Modern Warfare 2 and 3 together to roughly equal that. Oh and Wii U has BLOPS 2.

ZombiU does look really cool.

jmc88882215d ago

So exactly how are ignorant people thinking that Nintendo doesn't have system selling exclusives. Let me again put up the top games sold for the 360, PS3, and Wii. Because people are flat out ignorant of the truth. Oh and I never owned a Wii.

The 360 (how many of you realized Kinect Adventures was the top selling 360 game?)
Kinect Adventures 18 million
Call of Duty: Black Ops 16.4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 13.7 million
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 12.9
Halo 3 8.1 million
Skyrim 5.9 million In first 8 months
Gears of War 5 million

Gran Turismo 5 (9.01 million)
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (5.35 million)
God of War III (5,197,632)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (4.8 million approx)
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (3.8 million)

Wii Sports (79.60 million) (though was included in many versions)
Mario Kart Wii (32.44 million)
Wii Sports Resort (30.14 million)
Wii Play (28.02 million)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (26.26 million)
Wii Fit (22.67 million)
Wii Fit Plus (20.48 million)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (10.79 million)
Super Mario Galaxy (10.68 million)
Wii Party (7.94 million)

So as people can easily see, the Wii has system sellers. Or do people buy MORE consoles for games that are sold half or 1/4 as much than Nintendo's?

Again, just like their competitors now the Wii U will have the best console version of Call of Duty, which made up 1/3 of the best sellers for their competitors I listed.

Facts are facts, and HSU and the perception idiots are flat wrong.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Zelda is expected to launch in 2014, by then, the Xbox720 and PS4 will have had a launch of themselves.

Yes, Wii had sellers because 3rd party on Wii weren't that so you have to justify yourself buying a Wii by buying some of those party games that you play once in a while.

To go below the 2.5M sold, you have to go at game 59 with Xbox360, 79 for the 2M mark. Position 100 is a 1.66M seller.

On PS3, it's 43 and 63. Position 100 is a 1.31M seller.
On Wii, it's 40 and 56. Position 100 is a 1.26M seller.

Considering Wii sold 97M consoles, XBox360 70M and PS3 68.3M, Wii console was a selling success because of its cheap price and new/fun controller for party but wasn't that much of a success for games.

Wii U has a high price, unimaginative controller and like the writer said hardcore games that are old, so I also doubt it will be a success..console and games wise.

herbs2214d ago

Oh noos the wii wii is going to fails because the buttons are backwards and upside down. Garbage article...

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JeffGrubb2215d ago

The Wii U lasts three years before Nintendo makes some kind of drastic change.

ronin4life2215d ago

That would still be longer than the ps3 shifts...

Hicken2215d ago

What does that have to do with ANYTHING?

Really, what was the point in bringing up the PS3?

On topic: No, the Wii U is NOT set up for failure. it might struggle a bit with its unclear identity, but struggling doesn't equate to failure.

Deku-Johnny2214d ago

Hicken, Of course the PS3 has to do with it. Writing about one of the 'big three' means the conversation is open to mentioning their competitors.

Zodiac2215d ago

"It’s unfortunate that Nintendo wants to do something different, whereas the rest of the industry is trying to standardize controllers.”

Love or hate whichever company you want, i love all 3 and sometimes hate decisions that each of them make, but people who makes comments like these need to GTFO of gaming development.

It's unfortunate that a company tries a different approach and tries something new in the industry? Sell your IP's to a company more beneficial and then please leave.

LOGICWINS2215d ago

Actually Nintendo isn't doing anything "different". What they're doing is trying to capitalize on this generation's mainstream obsession with tablets/touch screens.

Zodiac2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I was capitalizing on the principal of saying that doing something different is unfortunate. Be it Nintendo or anyone else. Nintendo was just the example this person used. Anger directed at the statement for the meaning of the statement, not because he said something negative about Nintendo.

It is just a terrible attitude.

But lets use Nintendo as an example again. Analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and such were far from welcomed with open arms. The industry called it stupid as well.

26 years since the NES as we still have to hear this crap.

Edit:can people at least say something to go along with the disagrees? I'm actually interested on peoples take on this. I don't bite.

LOGICWINS2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Didn't disagree with you btw. I disagree with the notion that doing something different is unfortunate. Thats a silly statement. Why would gamers want to play the same damn thing over and over again? I think Hsu misconstrued his words.

What I believe he was trying to say is that different isn't always better. As I stated before, Nintendo wants to attract the tablet market. This so called "innovation" is brought about by a futile attempt to grab the iphone/Android gamer market...not to better the experience of hardcore gamers.

"Analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and such were far from welcomed with open arms. The industry called it stupid as well.

26 years since the NES as we still have to hear this crap."

26 years? I'm guessing your AT LEAST in your 30s. Your from a different generation than I am. I've NEVER said anything negative about our current analog stick control schemes. Why? Because they work very well.

live2play2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

"capitalize on this generations mainstream obsession with tablets/touch screens"

yea because nintendo NEVER tried to experiment with a second screen using the GBA/gamecube combo
and nintendo NEVER made a handheld system based on using touch controls or a second screen, and im sure if they made such a system it certainly didnt come out BEFORE there was a boom in tablet and touch screens


seriously... be quiet.

millzy1022214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

people who think Nintendo are copying apple with the iPad or android need to realise Nintendo created it in the first place with the ds in 2004 then apple iPhone in 2007 so the tablet and phone market is due to the success of the ds get fact right, Nintendo created touch screen gaming for the masses.

stragomccloud2214d ago

I bet you didn't know that the original Wii was originally being designed with a second screen in the controller. Also, Nintendo played a big part in showing the appeal of touch screen gaming releasing the DS back in 2004; 3 years before the iphone.

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rainslacker2215d ago

I agree that companies that try to be innovative shouldn't receive so much criticism. Just looking at the Wii it was met with a lot of hostility when it came to motion controlled gaming, and a lot of hardcore gamers were completely against it. I'd even say a lot of them still are. However Nintendo did prove that there was a market for it, and quite a big one at that. It also opened the doors for new kinds of gaming that were geared towards a more profitable marketplace than the hardcore.

While I think most on here could be considered a hardcore gamer, most of us are very resistant to change. On top of that some of the most vocal on here are also the ones that think they know exactly what it takes to become and remain profitable and the best way that the industry needs to progress. Most of them ignore the fact that despite all this generations downsides(day-one DLC, online passes, etc), if it wasn't for the casual market this generation could have easily lead to a market crash, as there just isn't as much profit in the big AAA games. There are some successes of course (quite a few really) but that just isn't enough to really sustain the market for the long term. Many of these so called shovel ware games helped publishers produce the bigger games that kept us happy this generation.

None of this is to say that I believe Nintendo is being exceptionally innovative, as they are claiming. Just that maybe people should give them the benefit of the doubt before spelling doom for the company.

Lifeequals422215d ago

A lot of hardcore gamers *were* against it, and they by and large stayed away. The Wii owes its success to casual gamers. But now Nintendo needs hardcore gamers back, and they've done little to entice them to spend $300 for a new console.

LOGICWINS2215d ago

I agree with the article. I'll be happy if I'm wrong though. Besides the initial launch excitement, Wii U sales will dwindle in 2013. Nintendo hasn't provided any FIRM reason as to why PS3/360 players need to jump over to the Wii U.

PygmelionHunter2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

You see, that's the problem with today's gamers, why jump over to another console? Why can't you buy a new console while still supporting your older console/s, i mean, if the problem at hand is money, that's understandable, as for those people to who money is no barrier, why do they find themselves stuck with this kind of mentality?

@ Zodiac
I couldn't have said it better myself, but just to add, Nintendo isn't trying to capitalize on tablet gaming, if anything, it's more like a home console version of the DS, mixed with a Wii vibe, and that's a new concept in console gaming for me, but these changes are always unwelcome in the world of gaming to some people, yet, they make excuses when you tell them that we would still be living in the Atari era if it were up to them...

LOGICWINS2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

"You see, that's the problem with today's gamers, why jump over to another console? Why can't you buy a new console while still supporting your older console/s,.."

It's not about money. It's about LEGITIMATELY having not having any current interest in the Wii U.

If you have a Lamborghini, are you going to go out of your way to buy a Toyota?

Why buy Spam when you have a porterhouse?

Similarly, I currently own a PS3 and I'm VERY happy with it. Why would I go out of my way to buy a Wii U when I believe that what it offers is inferior to my current setup?

MasterCratosKong662215d ago

Exactly, Well said pygmelionhunter. There is not only one option out there and gamers who don't have the financial constriction are don't have to pick a side. Each console has a different experience where some may come down to the physical way you play the game while others just come down to exclusives. Just because each is different does not make it inferior as that is completely based on opinion. For example, Super Smash Bros. is my favorite game series. PASBR is a similar game that is amazing, but plays differently. Now I like SSB more but that doesn't mean I can't be happy with both of them. So because I will never get a full Halo experience with Nintendo, a full Little Big Planet, God of War, Uncharted experience with Microsoft, or a full SSB, DK, Zelda experience with Sony the best option is to experience each as they are. As a wise man once said, "for a true gamer, one system is just never enough."

LouisGarcia2215d ago

All things I've considered, but I'm actually quite excited to get one because it is so damn different.

Of the games I've played, I haven't had much trouble adjusting to the button layout. I will admit it was weird at first. I'm also not fond of analog sticks being on the same plane (even for the PS3). I actually try to stay away from PS3 first-person shooters because the left analog is too low for me, so this might actually be better than that.

And I'm completely down for a somewhat new Mario Bros. game, and of course the console-defining games will come. Would it have been better to see them at launch? Absolutely.

In short: HD Zelda. Sold.

How that translates into grabbing the hardcore and casual market... well, I don't know. I don't think anyone is really going to know at this point.

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