Momiji DLC Confirmed for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

Team Ninja has released a trailer (in Japan) that showcases the game’s upcoming DLC which appears to grant players the ability to play as their favorite Shrine Maiden, Momiji.

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FinalomegaS2214d ago

oh Breast and legs... this aint KFC :)

-Mika-2214d ago

They better make sigma 3 for the ps3/360 and vita.

DarkBlood2214d ago

she'll complain on here where it really does nothing?

anyways at best i heard something about the other versions getting an update or whatever, i dont think they'll repackage the entire game with the update

so it still makes the wiiU the best version here

lilbroRx2214d ago

@DarkBlood. I seriously doubt that is a she.

Heavenly King2214d ago

they said that they are looking into bringing the content to all the players. But they dont know how I bet it will be a big patch plus DLC.

HarryMasonHerpderp2213d ago

Why would you want sigma 3? Ninja Gaiden 3 sucked so much I rage quit the demo. So dull and lifeless compared to the first 2 games.

jbgamer2214d ago

this is the ultimate ninja gaiden 3 game.. can't wait for all the new dlc this is just the beginning!!

MegaLagann2214d ago

Get this out of the way first *clears throat* HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THOSE TITS!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, can't wait to get this game Sunday. Can't wait to find out who else they add. Maybe Sonia? Or Joe? Or Rachel? Or, dare I say, Kasumi.

izumo_lee2214d ago

Momiji DLC? She was playable for free in Sigma 2. If Team Ninja charges people for this than that is totally BS.

DarkBlood2214d ago

i believe i read it is going to be free

izumo_lee2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

That's good to know. Wonder how she will be implemented in the game.

In Sigma 2 she (along with Ayane & Rachel) were designated to a single level & for use in the challenge stages only.

*note* i find it funny i got a disagree for hoping this would be free, i guess that one disagree wanted to pay for this. Wierd.

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