GREE Closes OpenFeint, Gives Game Developers a Month to Avoid a Potential “Poor Player Experience”

Before Apple had Game Center it had OpenFeint, a gaming network that brought a cohesive online experience to countless iPhone, iPad and eventually Android games. Some of us may have opted to miss out on its fun features, but for many game developers it was a priceless tool. Come December 14, OpenFeint will be no more.

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Dan502252d ago

Yay my Casino game for android will no longer annoy me!

killerhog2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Yeah never used it myself as well. I dont like signing up for things I won't be using much. The only thing good was that it offered free games time to time. But it also seems these free app a day services are slowly dying as well. Games are now usually free for some time if the developers themselves issue it. I guess it could be the mobile scene is just dying down.

Besides the online for mobile sucks arse, there's barely anyone online. You'll spend hours searching or playing against the bots.