Analyst: GameStop store closures could hurt industry sales

Transitions like the one the video game industry is experiencing — the shift from physical media to digital downloads and streaming — happen slowly. But its effects can send waves through an entire industry.

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NagaSotuva2188d ago

Do we get a discount on used digital downloads?

-Mika-2188d ago

SMH, gamestop is closing down 200 stores and this is your only concern. Like are you serious right now?

Us american gamers need to realize that this is the only mainstream core gaming store. They closing down will be a huge blow to the gaming industry in america.

I just don't think you guys realize how much good gamestop has done for the core and the gaming industry. Like you guys need to stop being so ignorant and like seriously start supporting them.

DarkBlood2188d ago

making it sound like you guys are obligated too or something

LOGICWINS2188d ago

Huge blow to the gaming industry in America? These people can't just go to Bestbuy, Target, or Amazon?

Boody-Bandit2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I don't think digital download has much to do with GameStop closing down stores. I feel it has more to do with people purchasing their games via the net (Amazon) and other retail chains like Best Buy and Target that usually have extremely enticing deals for new releases.

Besides, when you walk into a retail chain, especially BB, you can gawk over the latest and greatest displays, sound systems, headphones, music, movie releases, etc and so on.

For me personally, Best Buy is simply more convenient. My Best Buy has the newest releases right at the front door. Walk in, grab it, walk out. Or you can go online, purchase the game, walk right up to the CS desk, tell them the order number, flash them your license, and your out the door in minutes. No one trying to sell you something you don't want or asking you to preorder stuff.

KwietStorm2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Lmao I don't even know what to bubble you down with. Their existence is the whole reason why we don't have those other game store options, including small business stores that they out out of business. And I'm supposed to support them because Mika is crying again.

LouisGarcia2188d ago

Please. I buy way more games than the average bear, er, American, and I haven't shopped at Gamestop in years. It's not too big a deal.

What the big deal may be is the lack of an Internet connection for people who can't shop for games online. In some places this could be a real wall for them. Heck, I worked in Alaska for two years, and if I could only buy games online, I wouldn't have bought too many. The download speed was barbaric, and there were restrictions on what I could download. But as a gamer, I don't think this is too big a deal.

The times are a changin', and people should catch up.

DarkBlood2188d ago


yeah like im getting playstation allstars from because its 54 dollars, was originally going to get it from ebgames for the costumes but this is a better deal for me

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Lifeequals422188d ago

Where else will I go to window shop over lunch hour??

kevnb2188d ago

I think it will help, people will just buy at Walmart or something. Gamestop rips people off, including devs. I really don't know why people let them do it either, buy used to save $5 then trade in games for almost nothing...

2188d ago
Poroz2188d ago

Ebgames/Gamestop what ever, With out a shadow of a doubt is the reason I quit hardcore gaming..seriously went from buying new titles to nothing. Playing every game I could to fuck it not worth my time. The experience I had in there store still makes me angry, I have gone back to other Gamespots I will admit, but only for old school Rockband games. That future shop does not sell. I would not be disappointed if they close all there stores. but I will say i will never again Trade 3 good games for 1 maybe far as pre order bonuses lets face it most of the time they suck so if you want my money, just make a good game, cause word of mouth has always worked for me. and in Canada you have to pay for your DL plus pay for your DL with Bandwidth. another reason I got off this game train.

Jobesy2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

You quit hardcore gaming because of a store? Umm, have you never heard of Amazon, Ebay, etc? Gamestop isn't the only place to buy games. No offense, but you're the reason why Gamestop gets away with ripping people off. You go back like a sheep to get ripped off over and over. One bad experience and you should have learned your lesson.

Psychotica2188d ago

"Playing every game I could to fuck it " - What???

josephps32188d ago

lmao. I said the same thing to myself, "What the hell is this guy talking about?"

For the life of me I could not even try to guess what he was trying to say with that sentence.

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