Amazon's Black Friday week 2012 deals

Amazon's Black Friday 2012 deals have arrived. Rather than sales that focus on one or two days, the retailer is planning deals throughout next week.

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Agent_00_Revan2215d ago

Hhmmm, not a lot of great titles, that 'I' can see. Not like last year. But I expect Amazon to get into a pricing war with all the major retailers on all the printed ad prices like they did last year.

LOGICWINS2215d ago

Amazon does more damage on Cyber Monday. There an ONLINE retailer after all.

guitarded772215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Actually, Thanksgiving day and Black Friday they do their major Gold Box events. Last year's cyber Monday wasn't very impressive. I'll be camped in front of my computer with a turkey leg in hand.

Found this

gobluesamg2215d ago

All the titles I have waited for are on there. Skyrim for $25. Sly Collection for $10. Spec Ops the Line for $15. Dishonored $25. NBA 2K13 $25. Those are some good deals plus some others too.

Godchild10202215d ago

I have a question, if they show Epic mickey for the Xbox for 25 dollars, can I still get the Wii U or PS3 version instead for the same price? I have never bought anything from amazon on Black Friday.

59fifty2215d ago

When buying something from amazon on black Friday, does having something on your shopping cart make it yours till you check out? or is it better to check out asap?

gobluesamg2215d ago

You have a limited amount of time before the item expires in your cart and they let someone on the waiting list get a shot to pay for it. I think they give you like 20 minutes.

59fifty2214d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to try my luck and get a ps3. Any tips!?

gobluesamg2214d ago

Yeah the bundles are great for the holidays. The infamous with kill zone bundle or the assassins creed 500 gb bundle. They should go for $199. That's amazing.There's also dual shock bundles with games like Ratchet and Clank collection for $49.99. Great deal.

Silly Mammo2215d ago

That's the only one I'm interested in right now.

Ratchet & Clank Collection – $15

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The story is too old to be commented.