Wal-Mart sells Wii U early

At least one verified report of Wal-Mart selling the Wii U two days early has been discovered. If you're getting your system at Wal-Mart you should take a trip down to your local store and see if you're as lucky.

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Snookies122160d ago

Wouldn't it suck if that tether came undone whilst driving... Lol

GuruStarr782160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Looks the same as the display box at gamestop.... probably is..

fake, Walmart computer cash register will not sell a system until it's launch date.

mrbojingles2160d ago

This guy is actually live streaming his gameplay online. It's legit. His stream also revealed that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video will be available day one as they appeared in his home menu, among other small surprises. But he literally just took a nap and left the system on for a while. Not kidding,...

gpturbo812159d ago

apparently they're just as dumb at my walmart I just walked out with my 32 gig wii u and ac3.hahaha will update with pic when I get home and tear the wrapper off

mrbojingles2159d ago

Lucky! I got a lot of store credit tied to GameStop so I got to wait!

gpturbo812159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

cant wait to start playin..... not letting me post pics.

gpturbo812159d ago

ac3 looks amazing. if the graphics looks like this at launch, come a year or two the wii u wont be fuckin around