Where to find a Nintendo Wii U on Sunday (if you didn’t pre-order)

VGW: The Nintendo Wii U releases on Sunday, November 18, 2012, and you may have heard it’s sold out, like, everywhere. Well, we’re here to say that if you’ve got the determination, there are quite a few stores who will have both the Wii U Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition in stock. Everyone with whom we spoke emphasized that quantities will be extremely limited so get there early! Oh, we also found out who won’t have them in stock so we could save you a drive and parking lot hell. Yeah, you’re welcome you procrastinators.

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DivineAssault 2164d ago

Well whoever didnt call off work to pre order better call off for saturday night or sunday cuz ur gonna be outside waiting for a very long time.. If not, dont expect to find any until january-march... & if u REALLLLY want it & cant find it, send me a PM & we can work out a deal.. Theyre deluxe editions & my stock is extremely limited

ScubaSteve12164d ago

lol how much do you have?

ZombieStalker2164d ago

Nintendo at its finest! Release a product but can't even meet a small fraction of the demand. Nothing like creating a false shortage to create more hype.

ScubaSteve12164d ago

that's nintendo for you. i couldnt even get a wii till 2007 since gamestop did the get a wii promotion for xmas. i got up 5 am to go to the mall to wait in line for it. and i was first one there

Armyntt2164d ago

Same here. I have (2) 8gb for $500 a piece and a 32gb for $650 if your interested.

Armyntt2162d ago

I dont see why im a turd. It happens after every console,Iphone launch. Its a quick buck and hurts no one. Im not forcing anyone to purchase anything. The market dictates the prices not me. Its simple supply and demand really. I dont do anything illegal or immoral. I purchase atleast 3-5 consoles and Iphones on pre-order. If anyone wants one by all means they can get them the same way i did if not thats why im able to do what i do.

Totoro172162d ago

Yeah I'm sorry I was in a bad mood and I took it out on you...and a pile of brownies. God those brownies were good. I really wish I had some more brownies :(

Gamer-Z2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I have one and there's no way in hell i'm going to sell it ^_^

Starbucks_Fan2164d ago

XD I wish I had bought one just to resell it. There's so many people looking for one right now.

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