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So is P4G worth your money?

It absolutely is; I would have paid double for it.

The PS Vita has found its system seller, and even though this is a remake of an older game, P4G shows exactly what the Vita is capable of.

The sheer size of the game is staggering, and the number of things you can do is mindblowing.

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Emilio_Estevez2189d ago

This game is scoring incredibly high so far.

animegamingnerd2189d ago

well many people i know including myself as it as their favorite game of all time

belac092189d ago

its getting almost perfect reviews on EVERY site and magazine ive seen. i cant wait ti play it.(again)

Hanso2189d ago

For me its gonna be the first time xD

belac092189d ago

your in for a HUGE treat!!!

hkgamer2189d ago

I guess you don't actually need the review scores to see if the game is any good then.
I think these HD port reviews need to mention/have a section dedicated on the improvements/changes it has on the PS2 version.
I'm currently playing MGS HD and no one mentioned how annoying it is to hold up a guard or the dip in framerates. Still a great game but would have been nicer to have known.
hopefully P4G is every bit better then the PS2 version which I have yet to play.

majiebeast2189d ago

Cant wait till they localize it here in europe.

animegamingnerd2189d ago

i wish i had a vita oh well i guess i will dust off my PS2 and play the original

Series_IIa2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

This is the thing the Vita needs more of, RPGs, its what made the PSP so great!

I've never played the Persona series but pretty much everyone has high regards for the series, a Great addition for the Vita.

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