Why the 8GB Wii U can only store 3GB of downloaded games and DLC

Nintendo is selling the Wii U in two configurations, with either 8GB or 32GB of built-in storage space. Those figures sound a whole lot better than the 3GB and 25GB, respectively, that the models actually offer to the end user.

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Kamikaze1352160d ago

Regardless to which model you buy, both 8 and 32GB is a crap amount of storage so you should be using an external HDD anyway.

Dr_Salvitor2160d ago

Theirs a Radio Shack 10ft from the game stop I'm picking mine up at just going to pop in there for a hard drive.

Kamikaze1352160d ago

Nice! I believe the Wii U supports up to 2TB. I think I may get a 1TB HDD.

TXIDarkAvenger2159d ago

Support up to 2TB? That's pretty impressive.

decrypt2159d ago


Its a console, its supposed to have limitations. How else would it qualify to being a console.

ShoryukenII2159d ago

It should not have less GB than previous generation consoles. Even the PS3 started off with more than 32GB in its first model. If Nintendo wants to compete with Microsoft and Sony next gen, they really need to step it up in this regard.

Consumers don't know about the graphics card and processor but they do understand GB. I think that people will be a little surprised to find that their Wii U has the same amount of space as their PlayStation Vita...

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Summons752159d ago

why? Game saves and most dlc/patches don't take up a lot of space. It's when you start downloading full games or installing games that a lot of space starts getting taken up. Plus like others have stated SD cards and External Hard drives are compatible and much cheaper to buy separate than gave it built into the system.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

I find it funny and weird that just about every single console gamers now have to buy external Hdd's.

I swear if it was sony there would be infinite article about how they already failed and are bound for third place.

rainslacker2159d ago

When I first heard the options I really thought Nintendo was way behind the times. But then thinking about it I realized this allowed me a lot more leeway to not spend more upfront with whatever they put in, and then go and purchase what would suit me for the long term.

Granted though it is a somewhat hidden cost akin to the Vita memory cards, although not as bad because at least they do offer the bare minimum, which is likely more than sufficient for the casual user's who will end up making the bulk of the sales in the long run.

I think both sides of the argument here are actually valid though, and I don't know why people are still griping over it.

profgerbik2159d ago

Funny people complain about the Vita and it's memory cards endlessly.

You come here and no one has a problem with having to buy a separate hard drive for their system that is lacking memory in the same way.

Gotta love favoritism.

Godmars2902159d ago

Its amazing they only started to complain about the price until the 3DS price drop.

DivineAssault 2159d ago

its not proprietary so thats why im assuming.. Its still an extra expense but no1 really cares, YET.. When casuals that dont know jack find out about all the strings attached, they will quickly dismiss this thing..

The pad will constantly need charging after play (in its own wall outlet), pro control is another $50, & unless u get the deluxe for $50 more, u need to buy $60 games.. That system isnt just $300 for ANYONE.. looking at around $400 to be comfortable with the bare minimum.. Headsets, screen protectors, etc will all add up

Series_IIa2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Considering the Vita card is £15 for a 4gb card when you can buy a 64gb USB stick for the same price and a 64gb SD card for the same price... I don't see your argument.

The only reason why people bitch about the Vita storage is because they don't give you any onboard storage at all, 2012 and no onboard storage, really? and also it is because you have to buy a proprietary card at seriously marked up prices, which you cant use on your PC, PS3 or anything other than the Vita.

kopicha2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

how about this. comparing hooking up a thumb drive or external hdd as storage to main content of what you are running? you have any idea how slow it is to get data or put data onto a USB drive? This is 2012, do you install your programs on external HDD on your computer? look at PS3 and 360 both have internal changeable HDD solutions. How about you complaining that Wii U does not have one? I dont see you doing that but instead complaining over something else.

I do not hate Nintendo. I still own Nintendo 3DSXL at least. But let's be honest, Nintendo has been king of accessories. Those who own a Wii would know. How many freaking accessories that they have bought for their Wii? Almost all of them are also proprietary to their device and you cant use them on PC, PS3 or anything else than their console. Look at 3DS, want to play RE with a 2nd analog, solution? Circle Pad Pro. Can you use that with your PC PS3 or 360? No! Not to mention how many games only out there that actually able to use it. Yet we one who wants need to shell out that extra $ to do it. Complains? No? I do not know what logic are you having. But as said fanboy will find all kinds of reasons to hate even when they have no logic.

Godchild10202159d ago

This is just my take on it. The Wii U still comes with onboard memory, so they really won't need a separate hard drive right away unless they plan on downloading titles right away.

The HDD they have to buy is not as expensive as the Vita memory cards are. I can buy a 1TB external HDD for the same price (or less), I can get a 32GB memory card for my Vita. Can you see the memory size difference.

This coming from a multi console owner and soon to be Wii U owner.

aquamala2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Big difference, Vita doesn't come with ANY storage, and use proprietary way overpriced memory cards

I can get a 1TB drive for wii u for $80-100, spend that on a Vita memory card you get... 32GB

kopicha2159d ago

well said profgerbik. I finally see someone who speak with much sense in this place. thou i have been saying such thing countless times and get endless disagree! this is how sad the gaming scene has become these days. bub to you.

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ZeekQuattro2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Storage has never really been much of a problem. I still have my 80gig PS3 and usually only have 1 or 2 games installed on the system at a time. I also own a external HDD for system backup. I'll manage with just 7.2gb. It helps I can't be bothered with DLC too.

josephayal2159d ago

I think they made a mistake, ANYWAY The Wii U's storage can be expanded with external USB devices, NO PROB

2159d ago
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