It's a Rough Fall for the Playstation Vita

Forbes:This fall was supposed to be the time for the Playstation Vita to kick it into gear. Sony’s struggling handheld got two major versions of AAA releases recently – first, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, and second, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. Amongst a few other releases, those games could have been the keystones of a stronger Vita lineup and an answer to the oft-repeated call that there are just no games for the Vita. That hasn’t happened.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2214d ago

Loving my Vita, can't wait to play Persona 4!

knowyourstuff2214d ago

If you bought the Vita before its huge price drop, you must be livin la Vita lol
Review scores for the biggest games like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed haven't been promising, hopefully you're into the Japanese market because they seem to support Sony handhelds more than any other country, just like they did giving the PSP life all these years.

rezzah2214d ago

So the worth of a product is based on another's opinion and not our own?

Hicken2214d ago

Hey, you lied! You don't know your stuff at all!

knowyourstuff2214d ago

lol I've played Ass Creed and Blops on the Vita and they are perfectly deserving of their shoddy scores. Enjoy paying 30-50 bucks for games you can get on an iphone for 1-5 bucks or on your PC for free.

NukaCola2214d ago

Liberation has technical issues but any gamer, not assclown reviewers, who have played it know its brilliant. It is a solid game with good gamrplay and tons to do. Best open world game in your hand and a must buy for the Vita. A solid 8/10 epc and heartfelt experience.

COD is 100% poor.

Seraphemz2214d ago

Im loving Assasin's Creed on the vita!!

Anon19742214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Holy crap? What's with Forbes and the Vita? Do a search on their site and you'll be hard pressed to find a single, positive article. They even panned Uncharted as "awkward" I'm loving Uncharted on my Vita currently and the term awkward has never, ever popped into my head playing this. It's a true, full fledged and new Uncharted game for mobile. And they bitch about the gimmicks? Please. I love the little uses of the Vita's tech. They always bring a smile to my face from putting together puzzles on the touchscreen, to taking charcoal rubbings to holding up the Vita to a bright light source to see hidden symbols in a piece or parchment Drake is holding up.

Assassin's Creed Liberation is selling great according to Ubisoft, and they're already talking sequel and as for COD, who cares? The PSP seemed to do ok without a "killer" app. The PS3 makes out alright with a variety of games even when some criticize it for not having huge sellers like Gears or Halo. And what they need for the Vita to catch on is Japan. You really think either of those titles was going to suddenly make it take off? Come on, Forbes. Pull your head out of your ass. It's pretty clear they don't understand a damned thing about the mobile games market.

Sure sales could be better, but Forbes is sounding like a broken record here. The system hasn't even been available for it's first holiday season yet. Sony's not just going to suddenly ditch the thing if they hit March and go "That's it. Only 8 million in the first full fiscal year. Pull the plug."

It really is the PS3/PSP doom all over again with the Vita.

Seraphemz2214d ago

They need to release a Monster Hunter game already.. that would blast sales !!!!

miyamoto2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Yeah this I just laugh at these hired clowns because I am still enjoying Power Stone 2 on my Sega Dreamcast!

No doom and gloom opinion is gonna stop me or anyone who loves playing games fron having fun.

One thing I appreciate is as long as great exclusive games are published on a console it doesnt matter whether the system sold bazillions or tanked after 2 years.

Sony is no Sega. I am sure PSV will be fine.

What matters is I had the chance to play the great games. Its always better than nothing.

The PS Vita already have a great library of great games like Gravity Rush Ragnarok Odyssey Uncharted GA LBP Vita. That what matters.

himdeel2214d ago

I have no complaints and less space on my 32 gig card. In the last month I've purchased:

Ragnarok - Loving it
AC Liberations - Loving it
Need for Speed - Loving it
Gravity Rush - Loving it
COD Declassified - Loving it

Getting Persona 4 next week and trying to finish Persona 3 PSP on my Vita. I have plenty to play on my Vita and not enough time.

Rough fall for the Vita, I think not.

hkgamer2214d ago

you purchased those games on the digital store?
Just curious to see if peoples buying patterns are any different on the vita.

I for one seem to be tempted to buy things from the PSN store, but the prices seem ridiculously high.

rainslacker2214d ago


I've noticed a lot of people say they are buying digital on the Vita...probably more than any other system in the past. It's anecdotal of course, but I think the convenience of DD suits a handheld, much like it did for the music industry. I still purchase physical because I'm a collector, but DD I believe will become more accepted in the handheld market before it does in the console market.

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tehpees32214d ago

Activision were clearly making a shoddy cash in. They ruined what could have been something truly great to show off what Vita can do. They should have just ported Blackops II. Hopefully it turns things around over Christmas.

nycgamer4ever2214d ago

Right because we could always count on COD games to show what consoles can do. /s

Lets stop pretending COD are or were the best games ever. Sure they sell a ton but historically they have never been the best games available, just the most sold.

That being said it isn't half as bad as what the reviews for the game are telling people. Just rent it and try it tou will see its actually quite good.

I think if the game was 40 and 35 downloaded it would have gotten better reviews. A lot of the hate and criticism levied by reviewer imo have to do with The price and activision's reputation for being a greedy company.

Aggesan2214d ago

Well, the first modern warfare was flippin great, but apart from that you're right :-) Imo of course.

hkgamer2214d ago

Not going to argue with you since I do prefer a proper campaign then having these small mission based things. but honestly it seems to be a good match for a handheld. Loading takes forever though so that totally sucks for a handheld.

Devs need to understand that handheld games with loading times is just terrible.

Hanso2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

i dont care if its a flop i enjoy my vita its not like i have stock in Sony lol

looking forward to:
Persona 4
Ys Celceta Sea of Trees
Soul Sacrifice
Dragons Crown
Disgaea 4
Masamuse Demon Blade
Gravity Rush 2
Warrior’s Lair
Uncharted 2

LOGICWINS2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Ummm...actually you SHOULD care whether it flops or not. If this thing doesn't sell, devs will be less likely to want to support it. Hence limiting YOUR future purchasing options for Vita.

EDIT: Btw, I had no idea Disgaea 4 was coming to the Vita. I'll have ta pick that up!

Hanso2214d ago

yea as long as it doesnt get killed i mean xD

zebramocha2214d ago

Yeah,because the wii was so successful and got little support even though it was a home console,only thing people want are games,bite size or psn title length.

Hanso2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Disgaea 4 is not confirmed for vita
but D3 was a sucess on vita so its only logical for Nippon Ichi to bring D4 with all dlc on vita too.
I hope Disgaea D2 will also be released on Vita
i love playing Disgaea on portables its much more fun than ps3 imo ^^

majiebeast2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Forbes comparing vita and 3DS games to 1$ iphone games yeah when there is a game like gravity rush or kid icarus for 1$ call me till then just stop with that moronic comparision.

I think Killzone mercenary's is gonna show that you can make a good fps for the vita when a studio actually has talent like guerrila and cambridge.

Im just glad that nihilistic moves to mobile devices so they can stink up the place there with their shoddy mediocre games.

EmperorDalek2214d ago

Of course the Vita can do a good FPS...but the majority will never care.

Aggesan2214d ago

I don't really blame nihilistic. I'm sure they're trying their best, but they're just not that good and with blops they were given a way too short development time. I blame Sony and Activision for giving them ip's that's clearly out of their league.

tiffac0082214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Nihilistic clearly got caught between a rock and a hard place when they accepted the project.

No one really knows how far Activision was with the development of the game, since clearly it was not their priority and then Sony probably was in a rush to get the game out.

The game clearly needed more development time. To make it a AAA worthy title.

ACIII:L just needs a freaking patch for fix some of the game issues. The funny thing is, its with the gimmick that the game has problems with and not with its standard gameplay.

As for the article, well the Vita needs Japan and it would really help if Sony would stop supporting the PSP, so the 3rd party devs would start moving to the new device and not continue making games for its predecessor.

guitarded772214d ago

Oh it's fixing to kick into gear with the Black Friday bundles (see link). Not to mention Vita exclusives filled 3 out of the 4 spots on SPIKE'S VGA Best Handheld Game Nominations. So Forbes needn't worry its little troll head over it.

ronin4life2214d ago

The VGAS are trash. Not to discount the vita games nominated, but I would hardly use the vgas as a point to anything.

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