15 Interesting Facts About the Wii U

Ahead of the launch this Sunday, Holygrenade offers some delicious tidbits about Nintendo's newest machine.

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WiiUalpha2214d ago

The disc point is just silly to me and some of their points are pretty much the same thing. Being over positive is just as bad as being overly negative IMO. I have no doubts it will be a good console though.

lilbroRx2214d ago

I've seen nothing but over negative but I've heard little backlash from commentators for it. Now, we finally see something positive and you vilify the people for it by calling them over positive?

Deku-Johnny2214d ago

I haven't actually heard anything that bad from people who have actually played the console. The only negative things I've heard are from people who haven't even been in the same room as it.

debcanaan2214d ago

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jbgamer2214d ago

UM, yeah buddy, you did forget something, NINTENDO TVii!! this is what is going to make nintendo, the number system for the next gen systems.. it's amazing everything you can do with this application. no other ipads, or anything can do what NTVii can do.. and throw in the best web browser, great online, backward compatability, down loads of nes, super nes, N64, sega genesis, a load of killer app games, like mario, ninja gaiden, zomibie u.. you have the best video game machine on the market to date!! no other video game system or other electronic device can do all what the wii u can do.

sure they can do some of these things, but not all! on one machine, the wii u, I cannot wait to get this.. MY tv remote is going in the trash!! wii u is almost here!!

Filthcardia2214d ago

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