Halo 3 Blowout in Next Month's EGM

Bungie to break their silence on the mega shooter. EGM Issue #210, which hits newsstands on November 14th, features a cover story exposing Halo 3, which is teased in the back of this month's issue, covered by Epic Games' Gears of War.

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Phenom195908d ago

hm ive never read an egm magazine before and now im thinking about getting that issue if oxm doesnt have halo 3 info, does anyone know if this is a good magazine?

zonetrooper55908d ago

This is just hype to get more copies. MS and Bungie stated at X06 that no new information about Halo 3 will not come until end of 2006 meaning sometime in december maybe near christmas a special treat hehe.

borgome5908d ago

I'll pick the issue up just for the hell of it.