Sony Wanted To Bring Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition To PS3

Don't get your hopes up. It's not happening. Despite Trent Oster revealing that he and Sony were in talks to bring Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition to PS3, we should probably tell you now - it won't happen.

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HarryMasonHerpderp4205d ago

That would of been great, loved the Baldur's Gate games on PS2 was a really good game to play with a friend.

maelstromb4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

The original Baldur's Gate games played nothing like the Dark Alliance games though. Dark Alliance games represent watered down versions of BG (imo) and were all about loot and co-op, whereas the originals were heavily mouse driven and focused on single player story, characters and actual RPG elements.

Red_Orange_Juice4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

that game is a TOTAL RIP OFF, get it on GOG then search for mods, get better results for cheap!

KrimsonKody4205d ago

Yes, Sony!
Do it!

Balder's Gate would look so great with an HD facelift.
All it needs is online multiplayer (maybe drop in & out, like Resident Evil 6).
MAYBE some added material, just to make it fresh, but it honestly doesn't need it.

pompombrum4205d ago

Baldurs gate enhanced edition on the ps3 would be one heck of a console exclusive for Sony to have.

DragonKnight4205d ago

On the one hand, you have to applaud the devs for wanting the game to be a great experience on consoles if it were to come there. On the other, you gotta appreciate Sony not wanting consumers to have to pay a lot of money for it either. Looks like both sides just had high standards that didn't mesh together. A shame.

ChronoJoe4205d ago

It's interesting Sony would ask them to bring this to the PS3, when it would work / play fine on the Vita, and the Vita is Sony's system that's really in need of games right now.


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anast977d ago

I didn't like their refurbish job on BGate. They didn't fix a whole lot for that game, such as Brage's body doesn't drop unless you do things in a specific manner. I mean with the tech now and they couldn't fix that.... imagine what they would have done to KOTOR.

Scissorman82977d ago

Thank god this didn't go to Beamdog.

gamer7804977d ago

Now we just need a decent writer for KOTOR so it doesn’t end up a disaster…