Halo 4′s Campaign Mode Already Completed By One Million Gamers

Just a few days after the launch of the latest Halo 4 game which has been created by 343 Industries, they have revealed that over 1 million Halo 4 players have now completed the game’s campaign.

Not only that but 6 percent of those players have finished the game on its Legendary difficulty setting, with all million players clocking up 13.5 million hours of gameplay in the process.

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DarkBlood2215d ago

i started on legendary solo at launch

aviator1892215d ago

I sweated bullets, but I finished it. :D

Convas2215d ago

I started it on Heroic Solo. Cruised through without any problems.

I'm on Mission 7 on Legendary Solo. Been raped every step of the way. ESPECIALLY by the Prometheans and their ridiculously effective teleportation move.

So many deaths ...

brish2215d ago

I googled to find out how long the campaign is and found this:

Why is it so impressive that a lot of people were able to beat a short campaign?

vikingland12215d ago

I agree it's not the longest (6hrs) but with Spartan Ops it will have some more play time. Which is fine by me.

Summons752215d ago

6 hours on easy...

It's a lot longer and harder when you go up the difficulties.

aviator1892215d ago

Beating Halo games on easy is always short.
If you are actually up for the challenge and are prepared to gruel your way through more advanced ai, you should always start on heroic or legendary.

I finished on legendary and beat the game in about 11 hours or so. (I always time myself on legendary Halo games. :p)

brish2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

The graphic on the site shows the game was beaten in about 6 and a half hours on heroic difficulty.

Here is a direct link to the image:

Lvl_up_gamer2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

MGS4 can be completed in 4 hours.

Took me 9 hours to beat Halo 4 on normal, 10 hours on Heroic and 15 hours on legendary.

I finished COD MW in 4 hours on normal.

Needless to say, there are far shorter campaigns in other big budget games then Halo 4 especially in speed runs.

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SCW19822215d ago

Competed? Really, nice to see you proof read before posting your article. Classy!

mi_titan272215d ago

who the heck approved this headline? "competed"

josh143992215d ago

I completed a couple of days after launch on heroic solo. I plan on doing legendary soon but I'm completing Hitman absolution first.

masa20092215d ago

This proves that when you give people a compelling universe and characters in an FPS, they will pay attention and not just rush to MP.

It'll be interesting to know if Black Ops II, with the efforts it put in the SP department, will experience a rebound in terms of player interest for its campaign after the decrease seen in the last couple games.
Probably won't be as much as Halo, but I hope it does pay off to some extent for Trayarch and they continue in that direction.

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