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EDGE: "Beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal of the jump to HD, New Super Mario Bros U doesn’t make a particularly convincing case for Nintendo’s new console, and there’s very little here that couldn’t have been done on Wii. But if it isn’t a great showpiece for the console, it may have to settle for being a very good Mario game, perhaps the finest of the plumber’s side-scrolling adventures since his 16bit heyday."

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jbgamer2165d ago

I am getting the game day one! every one keeps talking about the bowser fight, cannot wait to see what all the talk is about... and down loadable content. this mario game is going to be a lot better than mario wii, as that game was a little disappointing to me. I did not care much for the propeller suit, but I love the squirrel flying suit! and with all the throw backs to mario 3 and mario world and far better stage designs, I think this is the 2d mario game, mario fans have been waiting for! cannot wait to get it!!

camel_toad2164d ago

I haven't been excited about a side-scrolling Mario in quite a while but if this one really is a lot like Super Mario World than I will undoubtedly crap myself with nostalgic fun.

2164d ago
TheDivine2164d ago

Should have been New Super Mario World imo. Also they should allow a level editor/creator using the touch screen to make levels like LBP Vita. Another idea is to make a 2d Mario but with dimension shifts like fez by swiping the touchscreen. Something new and innovative. This LOOKS good but it also looks just like the DS one, the Wii one, and the 3ds one. I want actual effort again, something wacky with football players, goalposts, capes, running up walls, running behind white blocks, frog suits, flutes, pipe mazes, and always more music notes. Come on NIN its not hard to wow me.