Nintendo: Gamers need us

The Wii U is a unique experience that the gaming industry has been calling out for, according to Nintendo of America's Scott Moffitt.

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RivetCityGhoul2254d ago

ummm sorry thats the other way around. You Need Us, we made you.

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deafdani2253d ago

Don't let the disagrees make you sad, you said the truth. We don't need any of these companies; however, they effectively needs us. That goes for everyone, not only Nintendo.

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Sheep4life2254d ago

I was 7 years old when the first NES was released with the Robot and Gyromite. From there I owned the SNES and the N64, but Nintendo could not meet the adult demands that Sony provided. After christmas of 1998, I have not played a Nintendo product. I welcome Nintendo to the HD generation of consoles, and like mentioned above, grandma, grandpa, the little kiddies, and the casual nostalgic gamer need Nintendo too. Will Nintendo sell some consoles? Sure. Will they get my dollars? No.
The major concern that I have from Nintendo is if they cared so much about the hardcore gamer why are they still using an antiquated online service? Why not include a bluray player? Lastly, why not include a regular laptop SATA Hard drive that is easily upgradeable?
Personally, I stopped caring about Nintendo when they stopped caring about me, the gamer. For example, with the N64, they kept with the cartridges to control piracy, but they limited themselves with the on board memory restrictions that it posed. Square Enix, a long time Nintendo supporter jumped to Sony and never looked back. What does that say? Same thing with Capcom. The resident Evil series were re-releases on the Gamecube for all but one game, Resident Evil Zero. Even though the Resident Evil Series left Sony during the PS2 era, Sony got a new IP in Devil may cry.
Lets hope that most of the games on the WiiU are not shovel ware like the last generation Wii. Most importantly, wow the gamers with something incredible instead of a gimmick. Thanks, in advance.

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