French Software Charts ( Week 4, 2008)

The PS3 version of Burnout Paradise topped the French Chart for the week ending 27th January,2008 .It is followed by Wii play,Mario Galaxy and the xbox 360 version of Burnout Paradise.

1.Burnout Paradise (Elecronic Arts) PS3 (E)
2.Wii Play (Nintendo) Wii (-1)
3.SMG (Nintendo) Wii (-1)
4.Burnout Paradise (Elecronic Arts) 360 (E)
5.New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo) NDS (+14)
6.Mario and Sonic (Sega) Wii (R)
7.Brain Training (Nintendo) NDS (-3)
8.Brain Training Advanced (Nintendo) NDS (-3)
9.Mario Party 8 (Nintendo) Wii (-6)
10.COD4: MODERN WARFARE (Activision) PS3 (+6)
11.Rayman (Ubisoft) Wii (-1)
12.Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo) NDS (-6)
13.Mario Kart (Nintendo) NDS (-1)
14.The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess (Nintendo) Wii (-6)
15.Cerebral Academie (Nintendo) Wii (-4)
16.Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft) PS3 (-9)
17.Zack and Wiki (Capcom) Wii (E)
18.Pokemon Diamant (Nintendo) NDS (-1)
19.RE4 (Capcom) Wii (-6)
20.PES 2008 (Konami) PS3 (-11)

Wii - 9
NDS - 6
PS3 - 4
X360 - 1

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sonarus4721d ago

sony keeps doing a great job in europe. They need a new spark in Japan sales have gotten low down there. Yakuza and white knight chronicles should help out also the release of eternal sonata should do well in JA as well.

kingOVsticks4721d ago

No love for DMC4 huh frenchies?

resistance1004721d ago

French charts come out a few weeks later. DMC4 hadn't been released for this weeks data

blynx1824721d ago

Is really starting to gain some ground.

Martini4721d ago

So how many copies were sold ?

wiizy4721d ago

wii owns the chart.. so its all good

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