Plus XP: Sega Vintage Collection: Toejam & Earl Review

Randomman5000 from Plus XP writes "Let me take you back quite a few years. Sega and Nintendo are in fierce competition with one another and during this time some of the most iconic games of all time were released. In the midst of this Sega produced one of my most memorable titles for the Sega Megadrive, and that game was Toejam and Earl. I spent many hours playing this game and I am pretty sure that I was humming or tapping the music for ages after I stopped playing it.
Now fast-forward to the year 2012 and Sega have done something that has made me a very happy gamer. They have released Toejam and Earl as part of their Sega Vintage collection. The release does not only have the original game Toejam and Earl, but also the sequel Toejam and Earl: Problem on Funkotron. So with this revamp and a chance to relive my childhood gaming I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy and remember why this game became one that I have never forgotten."

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