Rainbow Six Vegas Exclusive Single Player Footage

Gametrailers reveals never-before-seen single player footage of Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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Delt45766d ago

I already have this game.......................... .pre ordered

tony5766d ago

the unreal engine3? couldn't they make they're own engine? like cod4?

jackdoe5766d ago

GRAW uses their own engine. The original RSV used UEIII, and as a result, so does this game. They probably took unused assets from RSV, recycled some assets that were used, and polished it up a bit to release a quick sequel. Graphics are very hit or miss in the video.

TheIneffableBob5766d ago

Call of Duty 4 is actually based somewhat off of the Quake 3 engine.

Rageanitus5766d ago

COD1 was only one based off the q3 engine.

I will pick this up for PC only this time. The mouse support is needed..... plus they actually made it more difficult on the pc vs the consoles.

i Shank u5765d ago

runs off a modified COD2 engine. yeaaaaa boi!

Delt45765d ago

because the last rainbow was awesome online and i had allot of fun with it. Not every one judges games just by the engine and graphics the game play is also a big part.

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Bubble Buddy5766d ago

graphics are much more improved, first one looked soo ugly. But as you notice the hostages hugging...Still looked fake.

Michael Jackson5766d ago

Agreed. The Sims has better hugs! lol

mintaro5766d ago

a bit of nitpicking, but the scope looks so plain, its just grey....

Guwapo775766d ago

Would you like it better if it was rainbow painted?

mintaro5765d ago

it would be better if it showed reflection, like a real scope

skitzoid5766d ago

but this game looks decent. The cover system is awesome. I just hope it plays well online so we don't have to go through what we have been going through with COD4. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting for the update to fix the little annoyances

Rageanitus5766d ago

But I dont think IT has spoiled us. There are better graphic games out there.

Unreal tournament, Drakes Fortune, Ratchet Clank

In the pc area I have not seen anything surpass gears of war PC version. The graphics are much improved over the console version.

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RosweeSon1705d ago

They need a hard reboot haha

airshiraz1705d ago

splinter cell?graphics is really good and uptodate .splinter cell conviction