Is Grand Theft Auto V A Lock For Game Of The Year 2013?

So now that we know GTAV is indeed launching next year, is it just gonna blow the competition away? Or are we underestimating the competition in 2013?

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djslimzz2187d ago

Id say Halo 4 is game of the year

MastaPiff2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I <3 my GTA... but not by a long shot.

Was GTA4 GOTY??? I don't think so but I'm not sure.
Last of Us, MGS: GZ (not sure if it's 2013), oh yea a lil game that was mentioned during E3, Watch Dogs anyone???

I don't think it's set in stone for GTA5, especially with some of the slight missteps in GTA4. I do really hope that it will be though. I miss the more wild experience of old GTA's & I really believe that R* is trying to give that back to it's loyal fans.

WeskerChildReborned2187d ago

Not by a long shot? GTA V looks to be a potential nominee for GOTY just like MGS GZ and Last of us.

MastaPiff2187d ago

Not by a long shot... I'll say it twice...

I agree with you, it has the potential to be GOTY just like MGS:GZ & Last of Us (don't sleep on Watch Dogs BTW, gotta say that again also). It's not a lock though, waaay early to be saying that. Not to mention R* are the masters of the hype train. I believe it will more satisfying than GTA4 though...

P.S. 3 disagrees!? ARRRGGGHHH!!!
(crazy gamer rage! LOL)
Oh yea, "HoverRound takes me where I wanna go/ where will it send me..."
Lock for SongOTY, by a long shot!!! (FTW!)

The_Tr0ll172187d ago

Flop of the year, definitely.

black9112187d ago

By the looks of it I'm gonna say No! And go with the Last Of Us.

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