Rumor:Final Fantasy Type-0′s English localization was nearly completed last year

Final Fantasy Type-0′s English localization was nearly completed in 2011, that is if Operation Suzaku‘s source is to be believed.

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KingKelloggTheWH2166d ago

A lot of Final Fantasy Rumors going around lately.

Griffin48712166d ago

If the rumor makes them feel better, then let them believe it.

-Mika-2166d ago

This is why I think all vita owners and psp owners should buy Final fantasy 3 off the psn store. Basically buying that, will show them that there is support for an all digital option for FF-Type-0

smashman982166d ago

I would but I own the game on ds and android and that game isn't cheap enough to go throwing money at it like nothing

animegamingnerd2166d ago

O_o never thought i would thumb up one of your comments

hkgamer2166d ago

Yeah it could or it could just show that if FFIII was a success, then we just port games on the PSP or vita instead of creating exclusive titles.

RivetCityGhoul2166d ago

hell no im not buying that. regardless if its a good i don't support a company that ports the same damns like 20 times instead finishing the projects people have been waiting for. Versus & KH3 in particular.

Eamon2166d ago

So we should give them money for a game they have re-released more times than they have delayed FFvs13 so that MAYBE they would begin localisation on a game that we would have to pay money for anyway?

Yes, you go do that Mika.

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AIndoria2166d ago

...If that' true, I'm going on a rampage. SE Japan, you're warned. I love SE, even support them through the whole FFXIII fiasco but c'mon man!

tehpees32166d ago

Square Enix like to give us garbage FF games instead.

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