Retro City Rampage Gets A Big PS3/PS Vita Patch Today

Ever since Retro City Rampage launched in the US, creator Brian Provinciano has been hard at work fixing the game and making it better for everyone.

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knifefight2188d ago

Man, I am so behind, I didn't even know this was ON Vita to begin with o_O

Canary2188d ago

Cross-buy. PS3/Vita release was simultaneous, especially if you bought the former first.

This really is a cool patch. It's nice to see devs who use patches to add and improve on content instead of just fixing things that were broken. And wasn't RCR created by just one person? Or am I thinking of something else.


Anyway, I'm a bit worried about faster driving speeds. The initial driving speeds were already pretty fast, and the top-down view makes it harder to judge your route accurately.