The 5 Vita Games You Should Buy This Holiday Season

Leviathyn | Do you own a Vita now or picking one up for the holidays? Then Leviathyn has the 5 games you need to get. It doesn't matter if you've owned the system for a bit and own some games or a new buyer, we got the lists for you this holiday season.

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Godchild10202166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

As a early adaptor of the Vita, I own all those titles mentioned or at least will own them all come Tuesday.

That list is great for those that don't know which games to get, but for anyone picking up a Vita and has an internet connection I would get rid of both Uncharted & Gravity Rush and add a year of Playstation plus and a Memory card. Its mainly for those picking up a Vita during the months of November and December.

CalvinKlein2166d ago

I love gravity rush and will be getting PS+ for all those other titles that I have never played because I held out on them.

AC vita is pretty good I thought and I love RO so far. Im playing through it online with other people and its really fun.

fantasygamer2166d ago

This list is missing LittleBigPlanet Vita which is an amazing game.

CommonSenseGamer2166d ago

If you subscribe to PS+, why not just wait for these titles to all be available for free?

G20WLY2166d ago

Because, as you well know, it doesn't work like that.

You really need to consider changing your name, my friend.

OT: I think LBP should be on the list too, as it's excellent value for money - you will never play all it has to offer, thanks to the community.

b-dash2166d ago

LBP is a game that should be pre-installed on the VITA.

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